Lifeproof Nuud for iPhone 6s Case 77-52573 First Light Pink

Lifeproof Nuud for iPhone 6s Case 77-52573 First Light Pink

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LifeProof NÜÜD – protective case for cell phone

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Screenless technology for direct touchscreen interaction
  • Full access to every button, control and port
  • Slim, sleek design follows your phone’s precision lines
  • Sealed from dirt and dust
  • Closed to snow and ice
  • Drop- and waterproof


  • I bought this a few weeks ago, though I had the same case for my iPhone 5s for years, and I am in love! This phone case has been dropped on hot springs and water filled kayaks and has been dropped on everything from mud to concrete. I love my nuud and I will never have another case!
  • This is my 3rd case with LifeProof and I like their product. When I changed from the 5S to the 6S I had to get another case and have noticed some differences. I’m not sure if it’s the phone or the case but sound is better. I can hear the phone better and people can hear me better when using the speaker option on my phone. I am having a little difficulty getting the door open to charge, I keep having to pull it open with my finger nails but I do like that the door doesn’t hit the wire where it goes into the plug which caused mine to fray with my last case. The only reason I didn’t give it all of the stars is that my other AUX connectors I have from my old case won’t fit well with this one. I hate that I have 2 extra connectors that I could use at home and in the car but they won’t screw in properly. It’s like when Apple changed to the new charger forcing you to get all new convenient accessories.
  • It is doing a great job. Very sturdy! Thx for a great product.
  • I bought this to go on the lake ans wake bored with. Works amazing
  • Just recieved the case in the mail and I love it so far. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
  • I bought my life proof last November and from the moment I got it the bottom right never closed fully, but since it was November I didn’t really care much about it. Also no one could ever hear me on the phone so I had to use headphones. I will say though I will give lifeproof the 4 stars they deserve because their customer service is AWESOME, and will do anything to help out! Just don’t break your phone because they can’t help with that. Also I wish the adapters for the headphones still came with the cases. That was disappointing when I found that out because all the cases before it came with it.
  • i bought this case about 3 weeks ago and i love it, it stays clean, unlike my other lifeproof cases, my phone is protected, and i love how i can touch the actual screen ( and its waterproof)
  • This is the best case I have had for my phone. I am not as worried about dropping it anywhere and having my phone break. Although, when you drop it, it gets scratches on the rubber parts. Other than that, I am super happy with the quality of this case!
  • The first of these breaks started happening after less than a month of use. Now after only about two months all of these breaks have happened. They are not as a result of dropping it or heavy use. Just normal everyday stuff. Not worth the cost.
Shield your iPhone 6s from the elements with this LifeProof Nuud case. This accessory protects your phone from snow, dirt and accidental falls from heights of up to 6.6 feet. Open ports maintain acces...
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Use your iPhone 6s Plus where you never could before with the waterproof, snow-proof, dirt-proof and drop proof LifeProof Nuud case. Featuring screen-less technology, this case lets you complete touch...
Brand: LifeProofMerchant: Best Buy
NUUD case effectively protects your device from accidental bumps and drops Suitable for Apple iPhone 6s Color: First light pink, Material: Polycarbonate, transparent polymer, synthetic rubber and sili...
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