LG 25″ UltraWide IPS LED Monitor 25UM58-P Black

LG 25″ UltraWide IPS LED Monitor 25UM58-P Black

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Play games or get work done at the office with the LG 25″ UltraWide LED Monitor. It comes with an anti-glare screen that allows for placement anywhere in a room without reflecting light to obscure the view. A 21:9 aspect ratio makes this 1080p Full HD Monitor suitable for viewing movies and also for showing two documents side by side. Images, photos and video are shown in sharp detail thanks to 2560 x 1080 resolution and millions of possible colors. There is also a high pixel pitch for detailed and crisp text on black and white documents. The IPS LED Monitor offers a 5ms response time, creating a smoother refresh rate when playing video games or watching movies. It offers an HDMI 2.0 connection to create sharp and vivid picture and sound quality.
LG 25″ UltraWide IPS LED Monitor (25UM58-P):

  • 25″ diagonal IPS LED screen
    This anti-glare monitor can be placed anywhere in the room
  • 21:9 aspect ratio
    Widescreen is ideal for viewing 2 documents side by side or for watching movies
  • 2560 x 1080 resolution
    Enjoy excellent image quality
  • Colors
    IPS LED Monitor capable of displaying millions of colors for realistic photo and video reproduction
  • 5ms response time
    Delivers exceptional performance that is especially noticeable when playing games and watching videos
  • 0.2286mm pixel pitch
    Provides detailed text and graphics


  • Everything you want in a monitor. I’m thinking about purchasing another one or possibly 2! I would love to get the LG soundbar with all 3. I wish there was a special or package deal.
  • I just purchased my wide monitor finally. I wanted this monitor so bad. I am happy I have made this purchased. I love the style. I have it side by side with my other monitor. I can say its an great addition to my desk. I would have given it 5 stars but I can’t get the display resolution to work properly. My screen seems stretched.
  • I really loved it, it’s a great product, it has very great colors, if you play with the menu to accommodate both the contrast and the brightness you can have a better experience, I recommend for games to have the maximum contrast and brightness at 75% so that Do not disturb the eyes, and for normal use of the PC have 50% contrast and 25% brightness since prolonged use really tires the eyes a lot. In short it is a great product and I do not regret buying it bought it
  • I purchased this product recently and have been very happy. I needed to do a lot editing of numerous documents and working of four documents at a time is thrilling.
  • For those who are looking for 75Hz, yes this monitor has 75Hz refresh rate but it is only applicable for some resolution like 1280×800. So, for 2560×1080 only 60Hz can be achieved. And as for the Audio, there is no speaker inside the monitor guys. This type of monitor is has its own jack at back because of the hdmi as we all know also transfers audio data. As if you want to connect your speaker beside your monitors it is more convenient to connect it rather than to connect it to your distanced computer.
  • Bought the 25″ Ultra wide 21:9 monitor 3 months ago – love the amount of space it give me for multi-tasking. Great for gaming too! I won’t be going back to a conventional monitor ever.
  • happy with the video, but it turns out that this monitor does not have built-in audio speakers and that wasn’t clear when reading about the monitor. Not having built-in audio speakers is very disappointing. Appears that it does but not until I talked with LG rep did I discover this. The monitor control panel displays audio VU meters, which makes it look like it does have built-in audio speakers. Summary: Great Video. No Audio!!!!
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