LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man Detroit Steel Strikes (76077)

LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man Detroit Steel Strikes (76077)

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Help Iron Man rescue Agent Coulson from Justin Hammer in his highly posable Detroit Steel weaponized mech with minifigure cockpit, arm-mounted chainsaw and six-stud shooter. Agent Coulson’s classic car features foldable wheels for high-flying role-play adventures. This set includes three minifigures.
LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes 76077:

  • Age range: 7 to 14 years
  • Includes 3 minifigures: Invincible Iron Man, Agent Coulson and Justin Hammer
  • Detroit Steel mech features a minifigure cockpit, fully posable legs, arms and hands, 2 movable wings, arm-mounted chainsaw and a 6-stud shooter
  • Agent Coulson’s car Lola features 2 opening doors and folding wheels for flight mode
  • Attach the Power Blast elements to Iron Man’s hands, then push inwards to fire
  • Fold Lola’s wheels for flying mode and make a quick escape
  • Weapons include Agent Coulson’s gun and new-for-spring-2017 Power Blast weapons
  • Also includes 3 translucent-blue thruster accessory elements
  • Detroit Steel stands over 5″ (14 cm) tall
  • Lola measures over 1″ (4 cm) high, 5″ (14 cm) long and 2″ (6 cm) wide


  • Like others my main draw to this set was finally having a minifigure of Phil Coulson, and his car was a great bonus, though as another said the switches on the back do feel out of place, I may try to amend this myself with a couple ideas I have. I was surprised at how much I liked building Detroit Steel, the thing feels like a clunky piece of military hardware, different from the more elegant tech Tony Starkbuilds, plus it’s my first set with a gatling blaster. Not a HUGE fan of the buzz saw, but hey, still nice. For Agent Coulson I wish he was a bit more detailed, but I’m just happy to finally have a figure of him. The Iron Man figure, to be honest I don’t care for it, I get that it’s based on the comics, but I really don’t like the helm, I definitely prefer the more detailed ones that open, but I do like the bright colors and the energy flingers are cool. Gotta say I also like Justin Hammer, both of his faces seem as arrogant as he is and his armor has some nice detail on it. I’m also glad hair pieces were included for both Tony and Justin. I’d say grab this set even if you only want it for everyone’s favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and his iconic car.
  • The Car (Lola) The car build is made from the first bag of parts. As you might be able to see, it does look very nice. It’s very streamlined, and the license plate is a printed brick, so that was a nice surprise. The only thing I didn’t like was the mechanism that turned the car wheels so it can “fly”. The axle that makes this play feature possible has a couple of ugly yellow pieces on it that kind of make it feel out of place. Just a nitpick, but it does effect the overall feel of the set. The Detroit Steel Mech This build is made from two bags. The first bag will feel very overly familiar to anyone who built the Age Of Ultron Hulkbuster set, and is a somewhat bland build. It does look nice, but the fact that they’re just re-using an old design just kind of irritates me. Also the angular fins that attach to the shoulders have a very limited range of movement, and it is very hard to make them look nice. The build improves vastly with the legs and forearms (bag 3), however, as they use a very imaginitive clunky boot design. the only thing I didn’t like about the forearms was that the buzzsaw looked absolutely terrible until I reversed it. Minifigures Agent Coulson His head is very detailed, but his pants have no printing. Also, the printing on his torso is not very detailed on the back. 3/5 Iron Man This iteration of Iron Man is based on his most recent armour from the comics and is very different from previous iterations of his suit. For one thing, this time around his helmet doesn’t open. I do like the more colorful classic red and gold color scheme, and the “power blast” pieces are gimmicky, but fun. 4/5 Justin Hammer This was, by far, my least favorite character in this set. His head does not look like a bad guy, and I would’ve liked a different helmet mold, instead of a printed version of the Iron Man one. His legs and torso have really cool printing, but it only serves as a reminder that the rest of his fig could have been cooler. 2/5
  • I really am glad to have got this set and I really like both the builds for Lola and the Detroit Steel mech both are very cool builds and I really like Lola for a 1957 Chevy look I like Justin Hammer in his Iron Man armor which looks like an evil verison of Iron Patriot the new Iron Man figure is ok but like other reviewers the new helmet design I really don’t like it’s ok for some figures but not the Iron Man figures and last is Agent Coulson I really glad that we finally get a minfig of this chracter and plus being a fan from both the movies and Agents of Sheild this was a chracter I was really looking forward to getting.
  • Main reason I got the set was for Agent Couslon and Lola. I’m a huge fan of the movies and ‘Agents Of Shield’. I also read marvel comics. Coulsons figure is perfect. Lola given size of the car and detail was done very well. I like Justin Hammers minifigure design. The mech starting out is identical to hulk buster build. They changed it up a bit towards the end which worked well. The dislike is iron-mans design. Simple one piece helmet and simple minifigure design print in my opinion is a step backwards. Stick to the figure designs that have been coming out. Overall for price and build. It’s totally worth the price.
  • I’ll be honest, the only reason I bought this set originally was for Agent Coulson and Lola. The Coulson minifigure is great, and I love that more characters are getting their own minifigures. Lola (the car) is well-detailed, and it can fit right in with any other Lego cars you may have rolling around. What impressed me most, however, was Detroit Steel. I have not bought any set that included a mech in a few years and wow! The Detroit Steel mech is awesome. It has great points of articulation and balances easily. If I had to provide a con, I would say the shoulder-armor pieces pop off depending on how you rotate the arms, but I don’t see that as an issue. I’m not a fan of the six-stud shooter, so I cobbled together a different gun for him to carry. For any Marvel fans, I highly recommend this!