LEGO Architecture United States Capitol Building 21030

LEGO Architecture United States Capitol Building 21030

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Discover the architectural secrets of the iconic United States Capitol Building with this amazing LEGO Architecture interpretation that focuses on the structure’s neoclassical style facade, steps and lawns, finished with a decorative “U.S. Capitol” nameplate. Remove the dome to access the rotunda interior depicting the National Statuary Hall, with columns, eight statues and tiled floor. This model has been designed to deliver an interesting and rewarding building experience and is suitable for display in the home and office. It has been developed for all with an interest in travel, architectural culture, history and design. The scale of this model matches the LEGO Architecture 21022 Lincoln Memorial.
LEGO Architecture United States Capitol Building 21030:

  • Age Range: 12 years and up
  • LEGO Architecture interpretation of the real-world architectural landmark, the United States Capitol Building
  • Features the Capitol’s neoclassical facade, dome, colonnades, north and south wings, steps and lawns
  • Remove the dome to access the rotunda, featuring columns, 8 statue elements and a tiled floor
  • The included booklet contains information about the design, architecture and history of the building (English language only. Other languages available for download at
  • Collect the entire LEGO Architecture series
  • LEGO Architecture celebrates the world of architecture through the medium of the LEGO brick, and is developed for all with an interest in travel, design, history and architecture
  • This set includes over 1,000 LEGO pieces
  • The scale of this model matches the LEGO Architecture 21022 Lincoln Memorial
  • This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 12 and up
  • Measures over 6″ (16 cm) high, 17″ (44 cm) wide and 5″ (14 cm) deep


  • As an architect, I saw this as a challenging model for my first project. I am familiar with classical architecture and found the booklet information interesting. The instructions were easy to follow. I was pleased with the result. I may purchase more in the Architecture series. I was not in a hurry to finish so I savored each days progress.
  • Everything arrived on time and in good condition. My son put it together with no issues.
  • My 10-year-old bought this and it is absolutely gorgeous! It came with a 175 page architectural book give in the background and how to put it together step-by-step.
  • I’ve been gifting my daughter most of the architecture sets for a few years now – and the US Capitol is definitely one of the best to date. It has a fantastic presence on the shelf and the interior details are a great touch. She has built the bulk of the kits herself (8-10 years old) and this is the first set she had a little trouble getting some sections to fit smoothly. The base is so long, if its not perfectly flat, some of the roof section can be hard to align. It doesn’t detract from the build, but it does require a little finesse and patience. Overall its on of the best designs and best looking architecture sets to date and a great value considering its size vs. price.
  • I started buying Legos for my grandchildren and found that I love them myself. The Capital building is impressive looking but I was dissappointed that it was so small. I would have love it being bigger so that you could see inside at the statues. Overall it still looks impressive. Can’t wait to get the White house.
  • This is a nice size and has nice detail. The posterior of the capital is not detailed but the overall build is substantial. My children reviewed the build and architecture for a home school project and I was pleased with their interest in leaning more after the build. Nice job.
  • As always LEGO did not disappoint! Very detailed model that was fun to build and great to display! Size and quality matched the price well.
  • Loved the build, even with all the 1×1 bricks. Only complaint is half the building is missing. I work by the Capital and I see the west side more than the east and to have it left out of the build was a major let down. Would really like a work around to finish the building.
  • Well, I’m sure most fans of this series welcome another large piece count set. The build was easy enough. But, I can’t get past how the dome looks. It looks like something from the Ottoman Empire that belongs on a building in Ankara. Over all, I like this set. But the dome? Yuck.