LEGO Architecture Flatiron Building

LEGO Architecture Flatiron Building

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Build a detailed LEGO Architecture Flatiron Building with this 471-piece set. The Flatiron Building is one of New York’s earliest skyscrapers. Rising up from a triangular wedge of land between Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and East 22nd Street, it was originally named the ‘Fuller Building.’ Completed it 1902, today it is one of the city’s tallest building at 20 stories high. The city officially adopted the name of the steel framed building after locals insisted on calling it the Flatiron building. Additionally, the groundbreaking building is a historic landmark. The LEGO skyscraper model set captures all the details of the building, including the limestone facade and Beaux-Arts styling of the architect, Daniel Burnham. With this LEGO Architecture Flatiron building set, you can create a masterpiece–brick by brick.

LEGO Architecture Flatiron Building:

  • Create the Flatiron Building
  • Version of the Renaissance-style, wedge-shaped New York skyscraper
  • Number of pieces: 471
  • Comes with a booklet with instructions, history and the design of the building
  • Rectangular base is included in the set to prevent it from toppling over
  • Captures the limestone facade and elegant Beaux-Arts styling of architect Daniel Burnham’s masterpiece


  • I love the architecture series, Flatiron is deceptively simple. I had to rebuild the foundation because I couldn’t get the angles to line up correct. I would love to see the Flatiron in a larger scale with more detail like the Sydney Opera House. I have seen alot of negative reviews and I get it, it’s not a major build, it doesn’t take that much time but it was still fun and a bit of a challenge.
  • Great set and looks great when complete. Took me a hour o build but once I start I can’t bring myself to stop was great doing it and watching bit come.together. This was my third architecture sets and the best looks out the 3 I have.
  • My son loved building this, but it only took a couple of hours for him to build it!
  • This Lego Architecture product is one of my favorites for a couple of reasons. First, the instructions were easy to follow and the booklet had a lot of information about the actual design and construction of the building. Second, I was amazed at how the angle of the building was created while keeping the instructions and design simple. Third, the scale and size of the finished product is perfect. I really like the way the building sits on the base plate and the height of the finished product. I would recommend this product to anyone who is interested in architecture, whether first time Lego builders or avid collectors. This product is a quick and easy build. It is definitely one of my favorite Lego Architecture products!
  • I had doubts about buying this set–it’s more money than I usually have to spend on such things, and it does offer all the excitement of building–a building. On the other hand, I have an affinity for the Flatiron building, and had had my eye on the set for some time. The completed size is about what I expected, although while I was building it I had the impression that it would be smaller than I was expecting. It’s a hefty piece, at least in my opinion, and has a nice weight to it. There’s not much empty space inside of the thing, which surprised me due to its necessary structure. Despite the angle, the corners meet nicely. There are slight gaps, but they’re smaller than I was expecting from a set of blocks given mostly to 90-degree angles. The level of detail is nice for a model of this size. I suspect the expense of the set is due to intrinsic production costs, and although I would’ve liked it to be cheaper, I don’t realistically expect that it COULD be much cheaper. Great set.
  • Purchased this as a Christmas 2015 gift for my youngest nephew to add to his growing Lego Architecture collection…he loved it! The instructions were user friendly, he constructed it in record winning time. It really resembles the historic NYC building, details were spot on. A must buy to add to your collection!
  • Got my hands on this last night. Great peace but eight (8) peaces were missing or was switched to another colour. Quite annoying.
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