Lakeland Mills White Cedar Log Porch Swing and Stand Set

Lakeland Mills White Cedar Log Porch Swing and Stand Set

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Feel the breeze through your hair as you glide on the Lakeland Mills White Cedar Log Porch Swing and Stand Set. Constructed of solid cedar and built in a sturdy, rustic design, this swing will quickly become your new favorite spot outdoors. Contoured seat slats enhance the comfort of the seat, while the scalloped backrest creates a charming, rustic style. Cedar wood is naturally resistant to rot and insect infestation, which means you’ll be enjoying this swing for many years to come. Available in four- or five-foot lengths, the four-foot swing seats two adults comfortably, and the five-foot seats three. Stand included. Assembly required.


4-Foot Swing:

  • Stand: 68L x 70W x 60H inches
  • Swing: 48L x 24W x 44H inches

5-Foot Swing:

  • Stand: 87L x 70W x 66H inches
  • Swing: 54L x 24W x 44H inches


  • I think the swing and stand are very nice. There were a few cracks in the logs, but according to the instructions that is normal. The instructions are fairly clear and i had little trouble assembling it alone. It would have been nice if the side bracket pilot holes had been predrilled, but it wasnt a big problem. I would recommend this swing to a friend. Nice to see it was made in the US.
  • It was a gift for my wife for mothers day and she just loved it. It was easy to assemble and looks great in the back yard.
  • Very nice swing and easy put together instructions were very easy to follow
  • It is exactly as advertised. The shipment came quickly and the assembly was simple enough to complete in 2 hours.
  • The unit requires 12 screws, only 10 provided. I used all measurements as directed, seat height was perfect. The 4 upright supports had to have the cut angles changed for a good fit. Marked them and used a belt sander to get the fit right.
  • Just what I was looking for but could not find in local stores. Amazingly fast service. Everything was packaged to specifications (no missing pieces, yay!). Definitely will order again from Hayneedle. My swing is perfect! Thank you!
  • I have always wanted one of these beautiful swings. In doing research I realized the ones sold at stores are very thin and do not hold very much weight and do not last more than a few years. I am 63 and wanted a safe, heavy duty and made beautifully out of gorgeous wood. Would recommend this to anyone. Absolutely love it. Great price
  • I bought a swing similar to this 20 years ago and it was my wife’s favorite place to sit and view her garden. Last fall a storm came through that took out a 60 ft pine tree that landed perfectly on top of the swing, shattering the top bar of the frame and making a total mess of the swing. My boys bought their mother a new swing for Mother’s day. We learned that staining the swing before exposing it to the elements was a good idea. So, this time I stained it before assembly. This was the weekend to stain and assemble – figure she got it on Mother’s Day, I could get it done by Father’s Day. Staining was done and dry. Time for assembly and the swing itself is off. The back log on the seat is too long by about an inch. We made it fit by pulling out the piece on the swing back that’s supposed to be inserted in the hole, but now that it’s assembled, that pole that attaches to the frame leans in a noticeable angle. I’m not taking it apart and sending it back. It is functional. It’s just not as good as the one she had. If you buy one, I’d make sure all the parts line up before you do anything else.
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