Keurig The Original Donut Shop K-Carafe Pods (8-Pack) Multi

Keurig The Original Donut Shop K-Carafe Pods (8-Pack) Multi

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Keurig 4601 The Original Donut Shop K-Carafe Pods (8-Pack): Easily make coffee for your family members or guests with these Keurig K-Carafe pods. Each of the 8 included pods allows you to brew up to 4 cups of delicious, medium-roast coffee using your Keurig 2.0 beverage machine.

Designed for use with Keurig 2.0 beverage machines

So you can easily prepare delicious coffee.

The Original Donut Shop flavor

Provides a medium-roast flavor.

8 K-Carafe pods

Produce up to 4 cups of coffee each.


  • This Donut Shop Original is good basic coffee. The K-carafe is nice for more than one cup at a time.
  • We love the Keurig Donut Shop Original Coffee, and love getting it in the Carafe size
  • Great opportunity of purchasing great coffee!I always prefer to buy this at BestBuy for convinience
  • I love making carafes in my Keurig and it’s way cheaper to get them from Best Buy. I only get them here.
  • I love keurig coffee I own a V-Cup machine and since they released the new machines 2.0 I can’t found any V-Cup coffee at any local store in my area. I saw on the tv and online that if you have V-Cup coffee it works with the new machine 2.0. So I bought the new 2.0 coffee to use with my V-Cup machine since the V-Cup coffee works on the 2.0 machine the 2 0 coffee should work on the V-Cup machine right??? Well it doesn’t!!! The coffee takes like your drinking more water then coffee no flavor at all I was really disappointed with this issue. The only way I was able to get more coffee out of the 2.0 was to put it in a cup full of hot water so that the pod could release the rest of the coffee that didn’t come out when it was placed in the V-Cup machine. That’s just too much work and it still doesn’t taste right. So people make note don’t buy this to use on a different machine you must have the 2.0 machine to get your perfect cup of coffee. Other then that I have no complaint about the product it’s a great tasting coffee.
  • We have Keurig 2.0 & it’s a challenge to find carafe pods we like. The medium roast donut shop we get a Best Buy fills the bill for a good basic pot of coffe for guests or on a lazy Sunday. I am glad Best Buy stocks these & as a member we get a discount as well!
  • We love the carafes on Sunday morning. SO much easier to make a full pot when my husband and I are both around the house. The Donut Shop blend is nice with a mellow flavor. Not bitter or acidic like some cheaper Kerig brands
  • One of the best coffee’s on the market for Keurig, and now you can make a whole pot at once in the Carafe instead when you have company and need more. This one is full of flavor, more robust, and has the added bonus of not clogging your brewer so fast with grounds.
  • It would have probably been good if not for being expired by over 6 months. So I never used it. Had to return it instead. But the regular kcups with this flavor and brand are my favorite ones of all.
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Compatible with Keurig 2.0 beverage machines; The Original Donut Shop flavor; medium roast; 8-pack
Brand: KeurigMerchant: Best Buy
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