Keurig Starbucks Variety Pack K-Cups (40-Pack) Brown

Keurig Starbucks Variety Pack K-Cups (40-Pack) Brown

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Keurig Starbucks Variety Pack K-Cups (40-Pack): With 4 different blends and 40 total pods, these variety pack K-Cups make it easy to enjoy your favorite flavors, or try a new variety. The K-Cup design works with most Keurig brewers for simple operation.

Designed for most Keurig brewers

To get your day started.

40 K-Cup pods included for easy brewing

So you can enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee or try a new blend.

4 varieties offer deep, rich flavor

Choose from Veranda Blend, House Blend, Pike Place Roast or Sumatra flavors.


  • If you love Starbucks like i do this is a really good value, 40 k-cups for $32.99, basically less than $1 per cup, as opposed to up to and including $5 at the Starbucks shop.
  • I love this coffee and it was a great deal too!!!! The Sumatra roast isn’t quite my thing but it was still an excellent deal
  • If you love Starbucks coffee, now you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home. This Variety Pack will keep you stocked for little over a month with quality coffee from the “‘bucks.” Highly recommended for those that enjoy lazy weekends or holiday mornings.
  • if you like coffee you cant go wrong with this, gives u a try at 4 of the great coffees Starbucks has
  • Love the Starbucks K-cups. This pack has 4 different flavors, which gives you lots of variety. All are good, but like Sumatra best. Caught this on sale for 19.99 and was an awesome deal.
  • I enjoy Starbucks and this option gave me four different varieties to try out. I usually get Pike’s Place at Starbucks, but I liked the trying other options. Veranda was my favorite and I liked the House blend as well. Good coffee keeping with Starbucks taste.
  • Starbucks coffees are always consistent. There was no need to read a review of this selection. I do not like light roast coffee, so I gave those to someone who does, and I enjoyed the rest of the variety package. Decent pricing on the box made the purchase enticing, and having a variety of Starbucks coffee on hand is always a good thing to share.
  • Great mix of Starbucks coffees at a great price! Will definitely purchase again.
  • I knew I had to buy these because the price was so awesome, but then again, these are the best KCups!!
  • Great coffee is what Starbucks is all about and the price on these Keurig packs couldn’t be beat. We like the variety of flavors offered as well.
  • just getting into sampling multiple flavors. previously owned the Bosch system and liked it but it got harder to find supplier and choices
  • This is a great way to try new coffee or have something on hand for everyone. Great flavors!
  • Usually when you purchase these variety boxes of coffee, there’s one or sometimes two brews you are not going to enjoy. Not in this case. Loved every selection in this box!
  • Well I found out I didn’t like the blonde blends. Otherwise it was good for trying other coffee’s.
Fits most Keurig brewers; Veranda Blend, House Blend, Pike Place Roast and Sumatra flavors; 40-pack
Brand: KeurigMerchant: Best Buy
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