Keurig K15 Single-Serve Coffeemaker Black

Keurig K15 Single-Serve Coffeemaker Black

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Keurig K15 Single-Serve Coffeemaker: Grab a cup of joe on the go with this single-serve coffeemaker, which is compatible with over 500 different K-Cup varieties, so you can enjoy your favorite flavors.

Make a cup quickly for when you’re on the move

Single-serve brewing makes it easy to prepare just 1 cup, with minimal wait time, so you can grab some joe and go.

Compatible with over 500 different K-Cup varieties

Letting you choose from over 75 of your favorite brands.

Quick cleaning

The dishwasher-safe removable drip tray makes cleanup a breeze.


  • I purchased this item for my work space and it is great. Efficient, small and fast! Get it if you can!
  • Took a little while to get used to my I love it now. Wish it would hold more water than one cup at a time
  • Great coffeemaker for the office. K-Cups can get pricey, but you can purchase a reusable cup to make your own favorite brew.
  • Brought this for my Aunty. She lives alone with her son. I figured both of them could use this K-cup brewer. She called me up & told me she really likes it & it’s easy to use.
  • Perfect intro to Kcups although I see myself being tempted to take it to a new level some day.
  • This has been perfect! I wanted a single cup coffee maker that was simple, easy to use and made good coffee. I found it with this product.
  • I really like my new Keurig (mini). I had the larger one but much prefer this one for my needs and available counter space. It does all the other one did but does take a minute to heat up the water which I am fine with. I would enjoy it more if it held about 2 oz more of water.
  • Brought two, one for my son a college student and one for my niece a law student. They can’t stop raving, it saved on coffee purchase at Starbucks. It’s easy to use for both busy and frazzled students.
  • This meets my needs, i.e., one cup, compact.
    You add water for each serving and wait a couple of minutes for it to heat up. This is fine for my needs.
  • This Keurig machine is just what our household needed. Our teenage daughter uses it as-needed without the expense of going to the coffee shop
  • This instant coffee maker does a great job and the main thing it does better than all the rest is the coffee comes out incredibly hot and tastefully flavorful…I am so pleased.
  • I bought the mini brewer as a gift for my mom. My sister bought her one over 5 years ago and I received one as a gift from her about 3 years ago. Mom called and said the old one stop brewing. We tried the descaling and cleaning the needle, heck we even called Keurig who after 5 years were still helpful with ideas to try. How many companies offer assistance for a 5 year old purchase? So after everything failed to produce a good cup of Joe, I grabbed one of these at the local store. It brewed a hot cup, hotter than mom said her old one ever did! The sale price and the added free box of kcups didn’t hurt either.
  • This fits nicely on the counter. It is short enough to fit underneath our kitchen cabinets. There is a little learning curve to using it but it is not difficult to use. It works well for my intended purpose. Love it.
  • I had this for two weeks and it broke. It pushed the water to the over flow area instead of in the cup. Plus you can’t put a big cup under this machine so you are using 2 cups it you want to use a travel mug
Brews coffee, tea and hot cocoa; dishwasher-safe drip tray
Brand: KeurigMerchant: Best Buy
Brews coffee, tea and hot cocoa; dishwasher-safe drip tray
Brand: KeurigMerchant: Best Buy
Brews coffee, tea and hot cocoa; dishwasher-safe drip tray
Brand: KeurigMerchant: Best Buy
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