Keurig Green Mountain Dark Magic K-Cups (48-Pack) Multi

Keurig Green Mountain Dark Magic K-Cups (48-Pack) Multi

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Keurig Green Mountain Dark Magic K-Cups: Rise and shine with the robust flavor of coffee when you prepare a single-serving of this coffee with your Keurig brewer. The 48-pack allows you to keep plenty of coffee available.

Make a single cup of coffee with your Keurig brewer

K-Cups make it easy to start your morning with just 1 cup of coffee.

Savor the rich flavor of coffee

Dark Magic offers a bold, complex taste with subtle sweetness.

48-pack lets you keep plenty of coffee available

Brew up to 48 cups of delicious coffee.


  • I got this on sale, basically $0.45 per cup. It tastes great and is stronger than the typical kcups. Totally worth the cost.
  • Dark Magic is an absolute staple in my K-cup collection. If you like stronger, but not bitter coffee, this may become your next favorite! I love extra bold coffees, as I can brew on the highest water setting (12 oz) of my Keurig and it will not taste watered down. I actually add 4 oz. more for perfect cuppa joe. The body of this coffee is strong but not thick. Just perfection.
    I would absolutely recommend this coffee!
  • I love the taste and smell of the coffee would recommend to a friend
  • This coffee is a nice bold coffee that is that perfect combination of smoothness and flavor. It is a great pick me up first thing in the morning.
  • I guess it is magic. This coffee is priced reasonably and has a lot of flavor without being bitter. I highly recommend this.
  • This is one of my favorite coffees for the Keurig. It is has a rich bold flavor. On the 10 oz setting, it makes a really good strong cup of coffee. Most of the time I run the same pod through twice to fill my travel mug; 8 oz. setting and then again at 6 oz. Stir together and it is still a great cup of coffee.
  • I drink a great deal of coffee and prefer the Green Mountain Dark Roast. I could always find it at BB at a reasonable price.
  • Bold Dark coffee somewhat reminiscent of some Starbucks blends. Excellent dark coffee morning noon or night. Great with Baileys Irish Creme.
  • Green Mountain is in my opinion the best coffee around. The “Dark Magic” blend is an excellent coffee if you want a bold strong taste. The aroma is something special. Again great coffee and a great price.
  • This was returned. We had purchased it along with a variety box that included this brand and roast. After trying the coffee from the multi-pack, we found that we didn’t really like this dry roast. Therefore we didn’t open this box and instead returned for a refund. Ordering, delivery and return was seamless.
Dark Magic Extra-Bold K-Cup coffee offers the rich aromatics and flavor qualities of espresso, tailored specifically for the unique brewing parameters of a K-Cup pack. Ideal with milk-divine with crea...
Brand: KeurigMerchant: JCPenney
Compatible with Keurig single-serve K-Cup Pods coffee brewers; coffee flavor; 48-pack
Brand: KeurigMerchant: Best Buy
Brew up to 18 cups of Green Mountain Dark Magic coffee with these Keurig K-Cup Pods that are designed for use with Keurig single-serve coffee brewers.
Brand: KeurigMerchant: Best Buy
Compatible with Keurig single-serve K-Cup Pods coffee brewers; brews 1 cup at a time; breakfast blend coffee; 48-pack
Brand: KeurigMerchant: Best Buy