Keurig Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-Cups (48-Pack) Multi

Keurig Gloria Jean’s Hazelnut K-Cups (48-Pack) Multi

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Kickstart your morning with these Keurig Gloria Jean’s 15169 K-Cups that are compatible with Keurig single-serve brewers. Each pod brews a single cup of delicious medium-roast, hazelnut-flavored coffee.

Compatible with Keurig single-serve brewers

For simple preparation.

Hazelnut coffee

Provides a medium-roast flavor.


Ensures you have plenty on hand for you and your guests.


  • gloria jean is known for their great tasting coffees and this hazelnut doesn’t disappoint
  • This coffee has it own unique taste and always appears to be fresh and I like the price because it is always on sale or 15% off.
  • I love my keurig coffee maker for this very reason, you don’t have to drink a pot of one type of coff. I like to intersperse flavors. this hazelnut is good.
  • 15% off coupon and rewards certificates make this an excellent buy. Hazelnut coffee obviously our favorite.
  • This selection one of my favorites and I continue to return to this great tasting coffee. Prefer this many times to be my first cup of coffee for the day due to its unique flavor.
  • Gloria Jean’s Hazelnut K-cups are the best Hazelnut K-cups you can buy. The flavor is heavenly. I highly recommend.
  • We like the hazelnut best of the flavored coffees. Nice to get a good price and it gets shipped to the front door!
  • This is my husband’s favorite flavor and brand. We stock up on it when it’s on sale via the Best Buy Deal of the Day. Great taste! No issues with the order or delivery.
  • Guests enjoy Gloria’s Hazelnut coffee so when Best Buy puts it on the Deal of the Day, I make sure to purchase at least 1 48-cup box.
  • Most of cups seal was broken and coffee grinds spits out into the machine and cups. Inaddition you can hardly taste the coffee flavor. Will never buy it again