Kensington iPad Air Pro Folio Keyboard Case

Kensington iPad Air Pro Folio Keyboard Case

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Protect your Apple iPad with the Kensington Comercio Hard Folio Case and Adjustable Stand. The polycarbonate corners and edges offer vital protection for the corners of your iPad. And a soft screen cover protects against scratches. Simply open up the Comercio Hard Folio Case and Adjustable Stand and set the stand to any of the multiple angles. The built-in two-position stand securely holds your iPad upright or on its side for typing.

Kensington Apple iPad Air Comercio Hard Folio Case:

  • Fits Apple iPad Air
  • Hard polycarbonate edges
  • Adjustable stand
  • Soft inner cover
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • It does the job. Typing is a little difficult at first because it’s small but once I got used to it I was able to type relatively fast. The case is a little heavier than I expected but I really like the magnetic features. I can set the iPad at any angle and take the keyboard away from the case to have more room to type. Overall I’m very happy with this product.

  • If you are going to use your IPad to receive/send lots of emails, cruise the internet, buy items using the internet, use the social network. etc. then this keyboard is for you. Yes, you can use the software keyboard that the IPad provides but you’ll soon see that it is far less functional than the Folio keyboard and harder to use. The Folio keyboard is easily set up, connects quickly to the IPad and can be removed from the case itself and be set up like a computer keyboard. Plus, it has many useful function keys like “Home”, volume control. The only drawback is that with the keyboard case your IPad is somewhat heavier, but not terribly so.
  • This case is great for the iPad Air. Fits perfectly. I haven’t even registered it yet and haven’t connected the keyboard so can’t speak to that feature yet. Love the way the iPad can sit at almost any angle with magnetic edge and/or base. I don’t believe I will need the actual keyboard since typing on the provided one at most sites is enough. A special thanks to Walmart for the speedy delivery. Ordered on a Sunday and it was here that Tuesday! Something like ten days early.
  • Good value. Second purchase of kensington ipad keyboard cover. Used one that fit Ipad 1 for several years, trouble free.
  • For someone who is a novice with technology, this purchase was a great one for me. The price was terrific. The way it looks is great. The ease of using the keyboard is wonderful too. I got great assistance from the Kensington web site also. They returned my e-mail one day after I sent it for help.
  • It has a keyboard and a case and a google drive and a stylus holder. it would be better if we can turn the ipad like the other cases. But all in all, it is a great buy with the sale price. I would recommend this one. One thing that i would have like the manufacturer to have done was to document all the key combinations available. there are control, alt, command buttons that is no documented. i tried them in combination but it doesn’t do anything.
  • The case is really nice and offers an excellent protection for the IPAD. The lighted keyboard is an extra bonus for people my age. I love it
  • What a piece of garbage. Kensington used to make a great product…. This was built so cheap just for profit. Keys falling off, material pealing away… Whomever designed this product should be thoroughly embarrassed. I have received a replacement from Kensington… But it came with keys popping off the keyboard already. Took less than a week before the material began pealing off again. Get a Zagg… This is not worth the money.
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