Jaxx Collection TV Stand for TVs up to 48″

Jaxx Collection TV Stand for TVs up to 48″

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Organize your home entertainment area with this Jaxx TV Stand For Flat Screens. It includes two shelves that can hold a satellite or cable box, a DVD or Blu-ray player and a gaming console. This wooden TV stand features a unique design that would make a statement in just about any living area or game room.
Jaxx Collection TV Stand for TVs up to 48″, Multiple Finishes:

  • Fits most flat screen TVs up to 48″ to 80 lbs
  • 4 open shelves hold audio and video equipment
  • Material: MDF board with PVC laminated with reclaimed look finish, stamped PVC and powder coated steel frame
  • Overall dimensions: 48″L x 20″W x 22″H


  • I love this tv stand, looks very modern, and more expensive than it is. However I gave it 4 stars because we did have a little difficulty putting it together. But it looks great.
  • All parts were received but the panels could have been labeled better. You need to read ahead and study all pictures to determine which way certain panels should be installed (which side goes up and in which direction). The laminate covering was wrinkled on some of the edges, and also when I went to remove some of the tiny stickers that labeled the panels to match instructions, the laminate peeled off with it. Also, the cam screws they talk about are the metal ones, not the plastic ones, so make sure they are on the top end when assembling. Although they really don’t work that well to tighten the panel down to the back…
  • Overall, this is a nice tv stand – especially for the price! I only paid around $118 (give or take a few). It is the perfect size for my 40″, perfect color, and seems pretty sturdy. It’s a lot heavier than I imagined. Assembly was not the easiest and that I believe is because the directions are so vague, and it’s a heavy stand. Several times I managed to get things mixed up or backwards. It took me about 4 1/2 hours to assemble this by myself. The directions call for 2 people and I understand why. Of course it is possible to put it together by oneself, but it may take longer like it did me. Only real complaints I have are the vague directions, a small peg that is placed underneath the stand to help support the middle sections of the shelf, and the box the stand came in. The peg is to be screwed in but I was unsuccessful in doing so. The screw just kept spinning in the wood but not going anywhere. I even tried hammering it in but that wouldn’t work either. I finally had to just set it underneath the stand (the stand sits on it a bit). It seems stable enough but since I was unable to get that extra weight holding piece securely placed I’m avoiding putting too much on the shelves. One last potential issue that turned out to be a nonissue is how the box came in all beaten up. The box had holes, rips, and other dings. I really feared the stand would be messed up because of how the package looked. Thankfully my stand only had a tiny ding that is unnoticeable. However, I’ve read other reviews that actually received messed up stands. So if your box is really damaged, double check your stand for errors that you find unacceptable. Despite those few issues, I love my tv stand and hope to get the side table version in the near future.
  • It was a gift ( they picked it out).My husband put it together. When putting it together, the hardware that came with it was cheap and broke so he had to go to the hardware store and replace it. Once it was put together it is a very sturdy table, good for the money.
  • This TV stand perfectly matches my living room and for the price, it’s a good deal. Although one of the corners on the top shelf is damaged, some of the lamination on the edges of the boards is loose and wrinkled, and the bolts that connect the top shelf and the back board together do not fit in the cam locks (that are plastic), so I just removed them. Overall I like it. I assembled it together by myself and it wasn’t too hard to put together. Would probably buy this again.
  • looks like it does on line. easy to put together. it says you need two people to put it together but I am a 63 year old women and had no problem putting it together. love it.
  • I got this stand to replace a large dresser my tv sat on in the living room. Not only is it perfect for my apartment and study, but the medium-light grey color really helps to lighten the room, making the whole area seem more spacious and comfortable. It was easy to put together too. I was able to do it with just a bit of help from a friend.
Jaxx Collection TV Stand for TVs up to 48", Multiple Finishes: Fits most flat screen TVs up to 48" to 80 lbs4 open shelves hold audio and video equipmentMaterial: MDF board with PVC laminated with rec...
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