Inversal UB100 Decline Bench

Inversal UB100 Decline Bench

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Power up your core with the Universal UB100 Incline Bench. With two incline positions, this adjustable weight bench lets you perform sit-ups, twists and core-strengthening exercises. It’s an excellent adjunct to a home gym and can be used within a garage or basement to create a nifty place to work out. To hold your feet in place, this universal weight bench comes equipped with 8″ padded foam rollers. It has a stylish two-tone color, which makes it look elegant and refined. Each universal workout bench can accommodate a weight of up to 200 lbs, ensuring that nearly any adult can use the bench with ease. If you’ve been trying to live an active, healthy lifestyle, this weight bench can help you to do so right in your own home. It can be used with or without dumbbells for calisthenics or weight lifting.

Inversal UB100 Decline Bench:

  • Power up your core the traditional way with this universal weight bench
  • Execute sit-ups, twists and many more core-strengthening exercises
  • Two incline positions
  • 8″ padded foam rollers to hold your feet in place
  • Stylish two-tone color
  • 200 lbs. user weight


  • My 13 year old son 4’7″ 80 pounds, loves this. Light weight, easy to fold down, and put back up. If you were tall or 200 pounds this might be to light weight for you!
  • The product isn’t designed for everyone. It’s designed for home use, and also, to be put away. You can make something foldable, and have it be made of excessive materials. And for those saying it’s too small: I’m 5’8″ and my head is just off the board. But it’s for exercise, not lounging. Your head shouldn’t be on the board. And that leads me to “not enough padding” again, it’s not for lounging. If you want a something comfortable, go back to bed!
  • Great price and great bench. I use it every day!
  • The bench works great. The only complaint I would have is, for the price, I would want the decline/incline to be adjustable. Other than that, easy setup and is functional.
  • The bench is strong and very easy to assemble. It is short so is fine for me since I am 5 ft. 1 in. I don’t think a tall person wouldn’t be able to use it. The angle is steep and it’s good for crunches. If I could adjust the angle I would lower it a bit. I am in my late sixties so not as agile as others who would be fine with the angle as it is.
  • A great core workout can be had by this. Their is no beginner level. It’s put together and destroy your ab’s. You will need a drill too broaden out the cotter pin hole, the pin just barely doesn’t fit. It’s an easy fix. Well worth the price. Just stick with using it daily and when you think you have it down pat…Do your sit-up’s ( crunches ) with your arms raised ( a whole new level of pain ) šŸ™‚ yea get some!! BUY THIS PIECE you won’t regret it!!!!!
  • Light, easy to assemble, and simple to use. For a dedicated purpose item it would be hard to beat.
  • This bench is super small. I’m 5’4″ and my head was literally on the floor. Also, the cushion is not very comfortable. The back of my knees kept hurting. The foot rests are not compatible with the movement of your body, they are too low. Expect what you pay for.