InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron 1-1/4" Purple

InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron 1-1/4″ Purple

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The MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron straightens better than a flat iron. Now you can control the direction of the rotating barrel for maximum results. With the innovative 2-way rotation technology, the barrel can rotate in the natural direction of your hair without ever having to switch hands or change the MAXs position. With the tourmaline ceramic rotating barrel and floating plate, hair is kept smooth and polished without ever being crushed or damaged. The rotating barrel evenly distributes heat to protect hair from damage, while the precision aligned ionic bristles reduce frizz. With 360% more straightening power, the MAX is preferred over flat irons for straightening, volume, shine, controlling frizz and speed. With the MAX, you can achieve beautiful straight sleek styles and the 1-1/4″ barrel size is perfect for creating incredible volume, loose curls and beachy waves.
InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron 1-1/4″ Purple:

  • 2-Way Rotation (Rotates Left and Right)
  • Heated Rotating Barrel
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Floating Plate
  • Ionic Bristles
  • 4 Heat Settings up to 425??F
  • Thermal Guard
  • Removable Cool Tip
  • 30 second rapid heat up
  • Automatic safety shut-off
  • 6′ Professional swivel cord


  • I can’t believe that this iron works as good as it does! I absolutely love it! My beautician better watch out! I’ve never been able to get my hair this straight with my flat irons! Definitely worth the cost!
  • This is the second time that I bought an instyler. I have been using them for several years. I can’t even remember how long about I bought my first one. I got a free one along with it at that time and I must say that the free one did not hold up as well. At one point the bristles came out of the instyler when I was cleaning it. However, the other original one I have been using for many years and love it. Finally, it started to not roll all the time and I decided it was time for a new one. I ordered the larger barrel and chose the smallest barrel for free. I love both of them. In fact, I am finding that I use the smalles barrel more lately for tighter curls.
  • I ordered this instyler after losing my original one, this one has more features and it is just as good if not better than the original one.
  • Being partially disabled I thought the fact that it had an alternating barrel it would make it easier to style my hair. My only complaint is that the larger barrel needs to have the burn guard on it. I have had some marginal burns to the neck that I don’t like. Even lowering the temp hasn’t helped. But I do like how it styles my hair!
  • I am very happy with my purchase of The InStyler MAX …. I am a Natural hair woman and using my Max Styler is just as easy as baking homemade muffin… Quick and easy an Beautiful …. Thank you to the inventors … Much success on a Very Good product … Jacqueline Woodson .
  • I am 64 years old and I have used instyler for years! Now, I have the instyler max as LOVE it as much as the instyler! I plan to continue to use the instyler max for as long as I can. Thanks so much for the instyler max. LOVE LOVE LOVE INSTYLER MAX
  • I received it a few weeks ago. First i was a little surprised when i was charged $34 and some change just as a first time trial when it was clearly advertised as $14.99. I am a East African women with a lot of kinky curls so it takes me normally about an hour to straighten. I’m disappointed because my small straighter does a way better job at straightening my thick hair than this fancy no good product. If you want to spend a whole lot for something you can easily find anywhere else go for it but this product is overly advertised and over rated. The bristles in the brush are way to small for Afro kinky curls unless you have no problem sitting hours parting your hair into very very small sections you’re better off with a regular straighter. After using this instyler my hair looked as if i just got a blow out. I had to use my original straightener to finish the job. I hope this company is not expecting me to pay for shipping & handling to return their merchandise because they did not include any information in regards to that.
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