Insta-bed Raised Air Bed with NeverFlat AC Pump Twin

Insta-bed Raised Air Bed with NeverFlat AC Pump Twin

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The Insta-bed Raised Air Bed offers unmatched convenience and comfort anytime you need additional bedding. It’s ideal for holiday guests, sleepovers, weekend visitors, vacations, college dorms or weekend getaways. You can easily customize the firmness of this twin raised air bed for your comfort. Plus, the height of the Insta-bed Raised Air Bed enables you to get in and out of bed much easier. Best of all, the patented powerful internal NeverFlat AC pump inflates and deflates the twin air bed quickly, so you don’t need to spend much time setting it up.
Insta-bed Raised Air Bed with NeverFlat AC Pump, Twin:

  • Patented powerful internal NeverFlat AC pump inflates and deflates bed quickly
  • Sensors monitor air pressure continuously and engage a silent secondary pump as necessary to maintain a consistent firmness
  • Customizable firmness selection
  • Raised height makes getting into and out of bed easier
  • Carry bag included
  • Inflated dimensions: 78″ x 39″ x 18″
  • Top material: Flock 0.65mm
  • Side and bottom material: K80 PVC 0.45mm
  • Model# 840016


  • I have thrown out six or more air mattresses because they always loose air in the middle of the night. I use this at least two weekends a year, it keeps the air all night, no noise, sturdy, I have not had any leaks and I have had it for 3 years. So nice not to wake up in the middle of the night on the floor.
  • Great air mattress ! We have used only 2 nights at our daughter’s but was comfortable, easy to inflate and deflate Did buy a foam topper which made more comfy:) if holds up would definitely recommend.
  • Comfortable and adjustable. Everything and more that you could want in an airbed.
  • While I bought this mattress as a gift, the recipient has let me know that she has used the air mattress twice and loves it. She said that it is very comfortable and the “never flat” pump is quiet and effective.
  • Have used twice, excellent! Inflates easily, stays inflated through the night. Auto-inflate feature should maintain comfort firmness you set.
  • We purchased 2 twin-sized Insta-Bed mattrasses to replace, temporarily, a sagging king-size mattress until we purchase a new regular mattress. After two weeks on the Insta-Bed mattresses we may stay with these and never purchase a regular mattress: They are very comfortable and practical, they allow each of us to set the desired firmness, and the NeverFlat feture works like a charm, keeping each mattress inflated to the desired level. The only difficulty we had was to fit our fitted sheets on these mattresses. We solved that problem easily by using elastic corner-straps on the sheets.
  • One thing I am puzzled with this product, it doesn’t stay the same after one night of sleep, It seems to lose some air overnight.. That’s what I am wondering. Otherwise great bed.
  • Needed a temporary fix for a bed…ordered the bed with a 5 to 7 day delivery date…received it in 3 days! Easy set up and turned out to be very comfortable!!
  • This air bed stays at or near the firmness setting used when it was first inflated. I only use the NeverFlat pump about once a week for 15-30 minutes. There is no need to run it constantly. Very satisfied.
  • Bought this for an extra bed for family visits. Haven’t had a chance to use for that but did set it up twice to see speed of inflation/deflation and to see how loud secondary pump was. Speed is great, but a little noisy so do it before others go to bed. The secondary pump is very quiet. I think it’s going to do the job and it’s almost as high as a bed.
  • So my husband and I bought 2 of these for camping….comfy first year, not so comfy 2nd yr, this year we blow them up and they are way out of shape. Top middle of mattresses are raised with low head and feet. We turn them upside down and the bottom is inverted which makes the top bludgeon out. We got home and called the company….Excel Outdoors, who told us theses beds are not made for camping and we are passed the 1 year warranty. OK….they’ve actually been used for 3 weeks, totaling 21 days over 3 years but whatever….but telling me these are not made for camping??? We found them sold in the camping equipment next to the sleeping bags and tents…this is very misleading. All air mattress are found under outdoor/sports/ camping. I told them these beds should say on them ” not intended for camping”. They offered me 25% off a Wentzel mattress which is made specifically for camping but we declined….so….buyer beware…..not intent dead for camping and will loose it shape. Too much money to spend on just a few comfy nights sleep.
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