Insta-bed Raised Air Bed with NeverFlat AC Pump Queen

Insta-bed Raised Air Bed with NeverFlat AC Pump Queen

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This Insta-bed Raised Air Bed with NeverFlat AC Pump offers unmatched convenience and comfort, and comes in handy for numerous occasions. Whether you are hosting guests over the holidays , staying in a vacation home, furnishing a college dorm or apartment, or the kids are having a sleepover, this Queen Raised Air Bed will be convenient and as comfortable for your guests as their own bed. Advanced technology makes it super comfortable: sensors monitor air pressure continuously and engage a silent secondary pump as necessary to maintain a consistent firmness. The raised height of this Queen Raised Air bed makes it easy for anyone, including seniors and children, to get in and out of the bed. Get ready for extra holiday guests now with the Insta-bed Raised Air Bed with Never Flat AC Pump.

Insta-bed Raised Air Bed with NeverFlat AC Pump, Queen:

  • Patented powerful internal NeverFlat AC pump inflates and deflates bed quickly
  • Sensors monitor air pressure continuously and engage a silent secondary pump as necessary to maintain a consistent firmness
  • Customizable firmness selection
  • Raised height makes getting into and out of bed easier
  • Carry bag included
  • Inflated dimensions: 78″ x 60″ x 19″
  • Top material: Flock 0.65mm
  • Side and bottom material: K80 PVC 0.45mm
  • Model# 840017


  • I bought this bed when I set up my new apartment. I was looking for quick acquisition at a modest price. (I was not looking for fancy, or high tech.) What I found in my Insta-bed was INCREDIBLE sleep comfort. Because it is fluid filled — air is a fluid — it conforms to your body contour like no solid mattress can possibly do. So there are no pressure points. And it supports hips and waist equally well so my back stays straight. Honestly, I am NOT going back to any solid mattress ever again.
  • It’s a little too frim but overall great so far 1 month of use straight
  • Great air mattress ! We have used only 2 nights at our daughter’s but was comfortable, easy to inflate and deflate Did buy a foam topper which made more comfy:) if holds up would definitely recommend.
  • Soft or firm I sleep like a baby. Love it for temporary use, but not for full time sleeping.
  • While I bought this mattress as a gift, the recipient has let me know that she has used the air mattress twice and loves it. She said that it is very comfortable and the “never flat” pump is quiet and effective.
  • Easy and fast to inflate with the pump that is integrated into the mattress 3 choices of comfort…that is degree of firmness Equally easy to deflate with the use of the pump My remark to the wife was: “How can Walmart issue such a fine and good quality product with such ease of use for such a reasonable price!”
  • This is a great bed. My folks stayed on it for 4 days while they were visiting and they loved it . I thought on the firm setting it was too hard for me, but they like firm mattresses. With all the sheets on it they didn’t even realize it was inflatable until I told them. A great buy so far after owning it for only a week.
  • “Never Flat Pump” ??? What a joke! It should be called the Ever Flat Pump. This thing lasted 3 weeks before I started waking up on the floor. Save you money and a lot of aggrivation.
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