Insignia NS-PWS6481-WH 4-Outlet Surge Protector White

Insignia NS-PWS6481-WH 4-Outlet Surge Protector White

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Safely deliver power to your electronics with this Insignia™ NS-PWS6481-WH surge protector, which features 4 surge-protected outlets with a 900-joule energy rating and 2 USB ports for flexible connectivity.

900-joule energy rating

Safeguards your electronics against power surges.

4 surge-protected outlets

Let you safely plug in your electronics.

2 USB ports

Deliver 2.1 amps total, so you can quickly charge devices.

4′ power cord

Offers a flexible reach.

EMI/RFI noise filtering

Helps eliminate interference


  • Well built and solid but outlets are too close,
    Depending on what you plug there, next outlet can become hidden behind it so… you have 4 outlets but can only access 2 or 3 at a time.
  • The addition to USB outlets makes this a must have accessory for tech savvy individuals!
  • I have iphone, iwatch, macbook and 3 other electronic items which need on almost daily basis and need then to charge on daily basis.
    Great help! Reasonable price.
  • Extension cord is fairly short, but it served its purpose to get me power and USB charging in one fairly small package.
  • Works awesome…! Saves money on plug adapters! Make sure to buy a long enough cord for your devices!
  • i just saw this in bestbuy and grabbed one coz i needed an extension cord and wow i like the usb feature it is very handy the reason im giving 4 star they shoud have made it 3 instead of only 2.. overall good price
  • This item does what you would expect it to do. Pretty solid build, and good quality for the price point.
  • Good surge protector with two built-in USB ports. Now I don’t have to plug in any charging blocks to charge my phone and iPad. Would have given this 5 stars if the cord is longer.
  • Just needed a little more power and this has it plus the extra USB outlets! Good Price!
  • The strip is certainly easy to use. I really like that you can directly plug in your phone charger etc.
  • My best review about this product is that even tho it’s not as costly as others this is the best for the price no problem at all.
  • After one of my computers got fried because of a lack of a surge protector, I’m happy I picked this up
  • The was not only a serge protector but it also have USB hook ups. It’s the one tree you need by you bed for all the phones I pads and laptops. Love it!!
  • I got this with a printer I bought and I like the USB ports but with only 4 outlets I thought the price could be a bit better but it gets the job done.
900 joules of protection; 4 surge-protected outlets; 2 USB ports; EMI/RFI noise filtering; 4' power cord
Brand: InsigniaMerchant: Best Buy