Insignia NS-PWS5079 7-Outlet Surge Protector

Insignia NS-PWS5079 7-Outlet Surge Protector

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Keep the equipment in your home or office safe with this Insignia™ NS-PWS5079 7-outlet surge protector that features a 2100-joule rating for reliable protection. The 6′ power cord enables versatile placement.

2100-joule rating

Absorbs a high amount of energy to adequately protect and help prolong the life of your equipment.

7 surge-protected outlets

Include 1 AC adapter-spaced and 2 always-on outlets to guard your devices against damage.

6′ power cord

With a right-angle plug offers flexible placement.

43dB maximum noise filtering

Helps minimize interference for reliable performance.

Energy savings on/off switch

For simple power conservation.

LED indicators

Show you the surge and ground status at a glance.


  • Bought this for my new rig, has amazing protection and power saving options!
  • I am sure it is a wonderful product so giving it five stars because these things hardly go wrong.
  • I am using this product to protect my laptop, printer & external speakers. I found that the Master Control feature had some unintended consequences as it pertained to my wi-fi printer. While it turned off the printer as expected, when I turned the laptop back on, it did not recognize my printer. I had to restart printer & laptop manually to resolve issue.
  • seems to do as designed but only drawback is that you can turn of the power saving function.
  • When I was in the store buying my monitor . I was talking to the sales associate about a surge protector. He recomends this one I love how I can shut everything down in one shot. I would highly recomend this. I am going to be purchasing another one in the near future.
  • I really like these “smart” power strips that let you control the flow of electricity to your devices when they’re off. This is the smallest one, and the seven outlets fill up fast, believe me. I would have liked the outlets to be farther apart — with all the big plugs these days you can never utilize them all. Still, it’s a good base model. Does as advertised.
  • My son needed a multi plug option for his dorm room. This particular power strip was recommended by someone at Best Buy. Works great!
  • You need a high Joule rating to really protect your electronics from lightning surges. This product provides that protection. I would recommend a minimum of 1500 Joules and this product provides 2100.
  • I purchased this item to protect my new laptop and printer. After several summer lightning storms it has performed beautifully!
  • This works as directions described. It has added options that others don’t have. I would recommend it to others.
  • Great little item to allow you to shut down auxiliary devices while not in use while still allowing others to be run from the constant circuit. Really makes a difference on a cost conscious gamer’s energy bill.
  • Does what it says and turns off the other outlets when computer is turned off. Keeps from powering my speakers and other accessories all the time.
  • I purchase this unit to protect several devices. The problem is the unit keeps turning off to save energy. I couldn’t out how to shut off the energy saving mode of the unit so I had to stop using it.
Keep the equipment in your home or office safe with this Insignia NS-PWS5079 7-outlet surge protector that features a 2100-joule rating for reliable protection. The 6' power cord enables versatile pla...
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