Insignia NS-PG06501 6' HDMI Cable Matte Black

Insignia NS-PG06501 6′ HDMI Cable Matte Black

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This 6′ Insignia™ NS-PG06501 cable allows you to transfer data from an HDMI source to a component with an HDMI input and features stranded, twisted-pair, tin-plated copper conductors and 24K gold plating for optimized signal integrity.

Connects an HDMI source to a compatible component

For outstanding audio and video signals.

Stranded, twisted-pair, tin-plated copper conductors

Along with 360° metal shielding ensure reliable signal transfer. Cotton inner cable filling.

Phosphor-bronze contact and shell material

With 24K gold plating helps maintain signal strength for efficiency.

Ethernet capability

Provides a simple Web connection to an Internet-ready device.

6′ length

Offers flexible placement options.


  • I like this cord because it can transfer both audio and video. It also works way better than the norm av cords and is a direct connection. My previous av cord needed an additional converter piece to work, which i feel was not good for the port itself.
  • This cord has great quality for the price. I’d recommend it to anyone
  • Good product for the price. Works great with both TV and Blu-ray player
  • This is definitely one of the best HDMI cables I’ve got. It is long enough to reach around the room and is not easy to break or anything! I recommend it!
  • I like the flexibility of this one. It’s easier to route. Can’t say anything about longevity at this time. But it doesn’t get moved much.
  • I didn’t realize how much enjoyment we were missing out on by NOT using an HDMI cable to connect Blu-ray and PlayStation to our big screen TV. Insignia product was on sale, so I picked up two, and … OMG!!! A totally new experience for the whole family to enjoy! Product is very nice (we recommend!); certainly worth a few bucks to get one (or two!) if you’re not currently using HDMI to maximize your 720 or 1080 screen resolution.
  • Let’s just say, you have some awesome people working at the Utica Best buy store, Patty was awesome,, Karl was extremely helpful, can’t say enough about, them, professional, patient, understanding, Wow, Thank you
  • Really like its flexibility and length. I have a wall-mounted entertainment stand and all wires are looped through the wall so I always need reliable cables because replacing them is such a hassle. This one works perfect and have not hard any issues with the company previously.
  • I believe I paid $10 for this cable which is not bad. Just as good as any other cable.
  • Very user friendly HDMI cable. “Plug & Play” 9 feet is an okay length if your device is going to stay stationary close to your tv monitor. If you know you are going to be further away, I would get a longer length, but sticking with the Insignia line is a good bet.
  • For using 10,000.00 points I don’t feel this camera is worth all those points! Will be returning it. Description said 5x zoom but when zoomed picture is not clear so what’s the point of 5x zoom.
Connects an HDMI source to a component with an HDMI input; Ethernet capability; stranded, twisted-pair, tin-plated copper conductors; 24K gold-plated contacts and shells; phosphor-bronze contact and s...
Brand: InsigniaMerchant: Best Buy
Connects an HDMI source to a component with an HDMI input; 24K gold-plated contacts and shells; Ethernet capability; T-adapter
Brand: InsigniaMerchant: Best Buy