Hamilton Beach SmartToast Toaster 22121

Hamilton Beach SmartToast Toaster 22121

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Look forward to perfectly browned toast for breakfast with this Hamilton Beach SmartToast Toaster. This sturdy and reliable appliance lets you say goodbye to underdone or burned bread. Instead you can enjoy fresh, uniformly toasted toast or bagels when you want it. The Hamilton Beach 2-slice toaster features multiple toasting functions for different types of breads, fresh or frozen. The 1.5″ wide slots allow you to toast bagels or thicker pieces of bread. The crumb tray that comes with this compact toaster helps to keep both the toaster and your countertop clean. Its small size also saves precious counter or storage space. It also features sleek lines that give this appliance a smooth and elegant look. Its black finish will fit in nicely with nearly every kitchen decor.

Hamilton Beach SmartToast Toaster:

  • 1.5″ wide slots allow you to toast slightly thicker slices of bread with ease
  • Cool-touch exterior
  • Crumb tray makes for fuss-free cleaning
  • Multi function compact toaster for bagel, frozen bagel, frozen toast and cancel
  • 2-slice toaster can toast different types of bread evenly on both sides
  • Sleek, compact lines and modern design is suited for kitchens with space constraints
  • Pretty aesthetic makes this appliance something you can proudly display
  • Color: black
  • Model number: 22121
  • Dimensions in inches: 12.5″L x 9.1″W x 8.1″H


  • I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect product, and if there is, you probably couldn’t afford it. This does an excellent job of making toast at a fair price with some extra controls thrown in. It handles your standard sized pre-sliced off the shelf bread. But I sometimes like what is sometimes called Artesian Bread. These larger slices stick out of the top, and don’t get toasted. I like the Bagel toast feature, but I use Lender’s Bagels which are a smaller bagel and they don’t pop up past the top, and I still have to use a fork to get then out. I wish the slots were longer as I sometimes buy non standard sized slices of bread. Again these slices must stick out of the top. I noticed that it does not toast both sides of the bread evenly. One side is slightly lighter. I have not yet tried the other features of this toaster. This is a well made, quality toaster, and even with it’s short comings, I am happy with it at the price I paid for it; and well worth the price.
  • Worked as expected out of the box. A little longer than my old toaster. Toasts evenly…everything I would expect a toaster to do!
  • This toaster is not much different from many other makes and models. However, unlike another make and model that I purchased, the bagel function works as promised. Only the cut side of the bagel (facing towards the middle of the toaster) gets toasted. The rounded sides of the bagel do not get toasted. Pretty good!
  • Every time I buy a toaster I take the bottom tray off because I do not want to keep opening it to clean it. This toaster is great. The small slide out tray allows me to clean it every time I use it without having to fumble with the bottom to remove the crumbs.
  • This was a gift for my son and he was tickled to death to get it. He loves it. it’s just the right size for his small kitchen and matches his decor. Happy camper.
  • I am very pleased with this nice looking toaster. It toasts evenly and in contrast to some other reviewers, I did not find it taking too long to toast. The slide out crumb tray is a nice feature. It was the best price that I found for a comparable toaster.
  • Bought this toaster because of the price, but am disappointed in the quality. If you look inside the slots you can see where the heating filament does not glow red when turned on. As a result, only parts of the bread or bagel get toasted and other parts are left untoasted. Obviously a manufacturers defect but since I did not save the original box and receipt, I can not return or exchange it.
It also comes with bagel, cancel and defrost buttons for your convenience. The wide slots are good for thicker loaves and delicious pastries. Further, maintenance is a breeze with the easy-clean crumb...
Brand: Hamilton BeachMerchant: Walmart US
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