Guardzilla All-in-One Security Monitor

Guardzilla All-in-One Security Monitor

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Guardzilla is an all-in-one home security system. Simply plug in and sync to your WiFi. Guardzilla’s app is highly customizable, allowing the owner to use the device in a number of ways. Guardzilla’s camera will show a live feed of what it sees, but once armed, will send you notifications should its motion detection sense a disturbance. Other feature benefits include 100 dB siren, infared night vision, pet immunity, auto arming and disarming and two-way audio just to name a few — all for under $100.
Guardzilla All-in-One Security Monitor:

  • Plug and play
  • Sync to your WiFi
  • Get notifications of disturbances
  • 100 dB siren
  • Infrared night vision
  • Auto arming and disarming


  • A truly great camera! It does what it says. Now they need to make one that , pans, tilts and zooms!
  • It’s so simple to set-up but you must be by your Router to Set-It-Up Other then that everything else is So Easy…..,Luv It
  • The Gaurdzilla is an awesome product, I highly recommend it!! What I love about it is the option to hear and talk over the speaker!! I can be hundreds of miles away and answer my door from the phone app!! This product is an all around win!! Thank you Gaurdzilla for giving me peace of mind!!
  • My mom’s house was rob recently, and while her neighbors saw these individuals at her house and one neighbor even said these persons were in my mom’s house for hours; they did absolutely nothing to get help. It was because of this incident, that she decided to get this device…And who would have thought that it could be so easy to setup. All you do is plug it in, download the free app on to your smart phone and/or tablet, and position it in the room that you have it in; it’s that easy.
  • My 12 year old son no longer likes to run errands with me and prefers to stay home. He is a good kid and I trust him (so far). But the 16 year old neighbor’s kid would wait for my car to leave and then come bang on the door wanting my son to let him in. He likes to bully and manipulate kids in the neighborhood in to giving him soda, snacks, and video games. He kept this up even after I told him to stop. Set up Gaurdzilla in an open window facing the front door. Went to the grocery store and when he came knocking, I was able to tell him to go away. It freaked him out that I could see, hear, and speak to him remotely and that his actions were recorded. Problem solved!
  • We bought this for when we go away and want to keep an eye on our home , it works great and was very easy to install, took a whole 5 minutes, gives us piece of mind while away from home knowing we can monitor our home and able to talk to anyone in it, love the siren too.
  • This product was easy for me to set up. I’m a women and I never set up anything electronic. The instructions were simple. It connects easily and I love the phone app for this system. I highly recommend this product.
  • When I down loaded the app it started to work. I can see everything that’s going on in my home it also give you texts on movement. It’s a great system.
  • I ordered this camera about a week ago, as I wanted to be able to check in on my dogs while I was at work, and make sure my creepy ex was staying away from my home. I honestly wish I could write an actual review, however, the Guardzilla I received would NOT WORK. I could hear the camera snapping photos, yet the Guardzilla wifi would not show up on to connect to. I attempted to reset the device numerous times, and it wouldn’t reset. The green light just stayed green (should turn blue during reset). SO DISAPPOINTED! I ordered a replacement, so fingers crossed that the next one works as I would really like to check in on my dogs and my apartment when I am not home. Fingers crossed … Will update if the new one actually works
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Guardzilla All-in-One Security Monitor: Plug and playSync to your WiFiGet notifications of disturbances100 dB sirenInfrared night visionAuto arming and disarming
Brand: GUARDZILLAMerchant: Walmart US
Guardzilla All-in-One Security Monitor, White: Plug and playSync to your WiFiGet notifications of disturbances100 dB sirenInfrared night visionAuto arming and disarmingSmartphone alerts
Brand: GUARDZILLAMerchant: Walmart US
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