Gold’s Gym 10-Pound Pair Adjustable Ankle Weights

Gold’s Gym 10-Pound Pair Adjustable Ankle Weights

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Increase the effectiveness of your workout with the Gold’s Gym 10-pound pair of adjustable ankle weights. The added weight helps to assist in strengthening and toning muscles and increasing stamina. The portable design enables you to work out any time it’s convenient; wear them while shopping, walking, jogging or incorporate them into your exercise routine for a more vigorous workout. These Gold’s Gym ankle weights come in a set of two five-pound weights and are equipped with weights that can easily be added or removed. They are made tough and feature an extended hook and loop closure for a sure fit.
Gold’s Gym 10-Pound Pair Adjustable Ankle Weights:

  • Assist in building muscle and increasing stamina
  • Adjustable weights included
  • Each weighs 5 lbs (total of 10 lbs)
  • Hook and loop closures allow a snug fit
  • 1 size fits most
  • 30-day manufacturer’s warranty


  • They are a bit bulky but they helped me lose a lot of weight along with diet and exercise quickly! Without the extra weight resistance, I would not have burned nearly as many calories. I recommend once reaching the desired weight to retire them until you are trying to lose more as they may be bad for your joints and knees. Nice for the price, but wanted solid lead weights inside, however that could have been hard on your ankles so the design is actually well thought out. Thanks!
  • I am a very happy customer. I would recommend these Ankle weights to all my friends. They are great quality, easy to adjust, I love them!!!
  • My husband is going through physical therapy. He wanted ankle weights to use while doing exercises at home. He said that these weights are better than the ones he uses at the physical therapy center.
  • I love the service that Walmart gift, gives you, fast and good quality
  • I purchased these, on the suggestion of my 86 year old Moms physical therapist. My Mom is recovering from reverse shoulder replacement, after a nasty fall, and her PT is working on strengthening Moms legs. I like that these have individual weights in them so you can remove weight, and add it back in as you get stronger. GREAT price as well. Fast delivery too
  • Used as a Physical therapy tool. Price was better buying online and picking up the next day.
  • Comfortable wrap around weight with velcro fastening. Appears to be very well made and durable. Each unit contains 6 pouches of sand which are easily removable so you can progressively increase the weight on each leg from 1 oz to 5 lb 1 oz in 13 1/2 oz increments.
  • Pro’s: They have 6 bags of weight that can be removed to adjust the weight. The price is right. The material is soft and doesn’t bother my ankles. Con’s: There is only 1 adjustment strap. My ankle is tapered. 2 or 3 straps would be better. The strap is strong, but its hard to get these tight and secure so they don’t move while I’m walking.
  • It’s just a poor product used them for about 2 weeks then threw them in a corner and thats where they will stay. they twist and turn on you can’t tight them up they just come with one strap i like something that stays where you put it.
Gold's Gym 10-Pound Pair Adjustable Ankle Weights: Assist in building muscle and increasing staminaAdjustable weights includedEach weighs 5 lbs (total of 10 lbs) Hook and loop closures allow a snug fi...
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