Gladiator Ready-To-Assemble 36 in. W x 18 in. D x 72 in. H Steel Freestanding Garage Cabinet in Silver Tread

Gladiator Ready-To-Assemble 36 in. W x 18 in. D x 72 in. H Steel Freestanding Garage Cabinet in Silver Tread

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This Gladiator Ready-To-Assemble Large GearBox accommodates items of various sizes. You can store four levels of gardening tools, paint supplies and automotive gear in this sturdy storage solution. Safely house your equipment out of reach with built-in, locking tread plate doors and a round drawer lock. To customize your space, you can also raise the cabinet off the floor with the Wall Bracket Kit and Gladiator Wall System (sold separately). Even better, the cabinet’s design makes assembly fast and seamless for you.
Gladiator Ready-To-Assemble Large GearBox:

  • Large GearBox cabinet
  • 36 in. W x 18 in. D x 72 in. H
  • 2 lockable doors
  • One full-width fixed shelf
  • 2 full-width adjustable shelves
  • 4 leveling legs


  • I’m very happy with this cabinet. I spent about 2 hours assembling this item doing it only once and it is worth the time and money
  • Lots of reviews talked about the condition of the item – and they are spot on! Our box came in beat up and entire corners of the box were torn off. It was so bad that we took pictures in case we had to return it. The cabinet itself was mostly OK but did have dents and dings, as some of the other reviewers stated. As far as the review that said the doors opened even after locking, the doors will not open if the lock is done correctly. If the lock is turned 90 degrees, the doors will open, but if the lock is turned 180 degrees, the locking tab engages the shelf itself and the doors cannot open without breaking something.
  • Gearbox rugged and holds all my power tools with room to spare
  • This arrived with lots of dents. Too much money and trouble to return. Assembly was fairly easy. Need a center support for each shelf, and a support for bottom of cabinet. just assembled so will see how it holds up. It looks nice and is ok for lightweight items, but expected something more heavy duty with the GLADIATOR name on it.
  • Arrived pretty beat up and had several scratches and bent edges that were fairly easy to straighten out so other than the “cosmetic” damage to one of the doors the unit was fairly easy to assemble and functions well.
  • I purchased 3 large cabinets and one smaller wall cabinet. The cabinets are easy to assemble and hang on the wall with the track system. The only issue is the condition of the cabinets, they appeared to be packed well but when I unpacked them and assembled them, every one of the large cabinets had dents in every side panel and one of the doors. I would have returned them however, the unpacking process destroyed the boxes. I decided to live with the dents since I really need them so I could unpack the my tools from the moving boxes (recently moved). Bottom line, I like the cabinets but would not recommended them if you want a pristine garage.
  • I have purchased three of these cabinets and love their functionality and appearance. The first one arrived in perfect condition. The second and third both arrived in “good enough” condition – meaning that they both are visibly dented in obvious places – but not so much that it’s worth going through the rigamarole of return-and-reorder. Walmart needs to check the condition prior to shipping more carefully. If I reorder a fourth, I will specify this in my initial order.
  • We haven’t been able to take them out of the boxes yet! It’s way too heavy for a couple of seniors to even move. They were delivered and left in the middle of the driveway. We had all we could do to push them into the garage! We’re still trying to find someone to put the cabinets together for us.


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