George Big Men's Suit Jacket

George Big Men’s Suit Jacket

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This George Big Men’s Suit Jacket is classic and modern. Pair it with your dress pants for special occasions or jeans for contemporary sleek look.
George – Big Men’s Suit Jacket:

  • Polyester/Rayon
  • 2 button front closure
  • 2 front flap pockets
  • One breast pocket
  • 2 interior pockets
  • Machine wash cold


  • Great fit and looks great. I used to wear suits all the time and had to try them on before buying. Because, each manufacturer is a little bit different. For ordering online the first time…It was a perfect fit.
  • My son is a “big man”. This fits him perfectly and gives him some arm room! We tried every store we could find. I took a chance on ordering this, but I am glad I did as he loves it!
  • Husband gained weight so had to buy another one just like the last one but a size larger. Looks good.
  • I was pleasantly surprised. This is a very well made suit for the price. If money is an issue and you have a teenager with an upcoming special occasion, this will cover your needs completely. Teenage boys seem to grow overnight and it can be wasteful to purchase a suit that he may only get one or two occasions to use it. This fits the bill, providing a nice look at a very reasonable price.
  • Not custom suit but quality was better than expected. Great for quick wedding,funel use not a high end business suit.
  • I really like my new suit coat. The fit is exactly what I wanted, expected and have. It looks like a much more expensive suit coat. I have gone to various stores so I pretty much knew the size was correct. You can easily pay twice the price for this coat if you are lucky enough to find it on sale someplace. A true value.
  • Nice for the price. Was very wrinkled when I received.
  • I would highly recommend this option of shopping. The product is very well constructed and well designed. It will last a long while because of it.
  • I did not know Walmart sold suits? Do now and was very pleased with purchase. Fits great, looks great and the price well don’t be fooled it’s not a cheap suit! I bought some pants to match. Very Pleased!
  • This jacket is a nice addition to have in the office in case an unexpected meeting comes up. Normally, I can’t find quality at reasonable prices in tall sizes. This was a nice surprise.
  • the coat is great but I would like more size, my shoulders are good but the body is too large. and I would like working outside pockets .
  • The jacket is decent enough to buy, but the way walmart packs and ships the jacket causes problems. First, they button the jacket before they ship it. This causes the fabric to bunch up because it is being forced to lay flat. When laying flat, a jacket should overlap and the buttons should not line up. forcing them do do so causes the fabric to stretch and fold in ways it wasnt designed to do. The only time you should button your jacket is when you are wearing it. I know this, because I used to sell suits. Also, the way that they ship the jacket causes several wrinkles all over the sleeves and body of the jacket. My jacket will need to be taken to a dry cleaners and pressed to fix this problem.
George - Big Men's Suit Jacket: Polyester/Rayon 2 button front closure 2 front flap pockets One breast pocket 2 interior pockets Machine wash cold
Brand: GeorgeMerchant: Walmart US
Polyester Rayon2 Button Front Closure2 Front Flap Pockets1 Breast Poacket2 Interior Pockets
Brand: GeorgeMerchant: Walmart US