GE 6K BTU Window Air Conditioner with Remote

GE 6K BTU Window Air Conditioner with Remote

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GE Appliances’ AEZ06LV window room air conditioner is the perfect choice for cooling a room 151 – 250 square feet. This model is 6,000 BTU, 115 volts, and uses eco-friendly R-410A non-ozone-depleting refrigerant. With 3 cooling settings, 3 fan speeds, and 4-way adjustable air direction, you have the flexibility to cool your room the way you want. The EZ-Mount Window Kit and fixed chassis makes installation a breeze, fitting windows 22- 1/2″ – 38″ wide and at least 13-1/2″ high. This model also has an Energy Saver feature, which temporarily shuts off the fan and compressor when the room is cool enough, saving you time and money. Also, the filter reminder light will prompt you when to clean the filter to ensure optimal performance.


Louver Style 4-Way Adjustable
Fan Speed Selections 3 Cooling
3 Fan Only
Refrigerant Type R-410A – Non-Ozone-Depleting Refrigerant
Filter Type One Touch Lift-Out
Chassis Type Fixed
Vent/Air Exchange Exhaust Top Air Discharge
Plug Type Parallel/NEMA 5-15
Mounting Type EZ Mount
Delay Timer 24-Hour On/Off Timer
Remote Control Yes
Thermostat Type Electronic
Airflow (cfm) Roomside (hi/low) 177
Rotary Compressor Yes
Unit Type Cool Only
Installation EZ Mount
Color Appearance Cool White
Overall Width 18 19/32 in
Approximate Shipping Weight 51 lb
Min./Max. Window Opening Width (in.) 22-1/2 /38
Depth to Louvers 4 23/32 in
Grille Depth 1 13/32 in
Overall Height 12 3/4 in
Minimum Window Opening Height (in.) 13-1/2
Overall Depth 15 23/32 in
Net Weight 44 lb
Cooling – Rated Cooling Amps AHAM 4.9
Cooling – Watts 540
CEER 11.0
Voltage (MAX) 115.000000 V


  • I bought this unit to replace one that still worked but was expensive to run now. Arrived quickly, well packaged. No damage noted to packaging or the unit itself. It is in perfect shape. Set it up briefly to test it out, it works great and is quiet!! Which is good as this in going in our bedroom. Remote works well. I have no issues at present, if any present in the future I will update this review. So far very pleased with this purchase, and highly recommend it! Great product for a great price!!
  • This is a cool air conditioner. It features energy-saving controls that allow you to set a desired temperature and it manages blower speed and compressor to efficiently reach and maintain that temperature. It cools very quickly. You can delay operation in advance so that it won’t come on until your desired time. It is quiet and effective, and is made by GE so you can rely on it for the long haul.
  • Works very well. Very easy to install Install took about 20 min from box to blowing cold
  • this ac is 6k btu but when running does the entire ground floor of my hundred yr old house nicely!
  • I bought this specific Window A/C because of its price. And I have to see to it has exceeded my expectations! It’s not roudy and has no problem cooling a room that it’s designed for.
  • It was just what I needed and at the right price. I live on the third floor of an old building, so I was dying in the summer heat. This single air conditioner made summer in my studio livable. I imagine that if you used this in a smaller room, it would be ice cold. Even in a larger space, it brought the temperature down considerably.
  • I like that this product has a remote it has made it easy to operate. This unit has helped to get through the hot summer days.
  • Got this ac unit right in the middle of summer and it’s the only thing that could cut through the heat and hero me night and cool!
  • I bought this one out of a limited number of selections. The price was right in my budget and the unit exceeds my expectations for quality and performance.
  • We love the remote. The unit is reliable. It’s not too loud and it keeps the temp right where we want it.
  • Best air conditioner that I ever bought…can’t even hear when compressor starts…very quiet and efficient.
  • When the ac is on, the air blows ice cold, but the problem is it gets sucked back into the unit and tricks the unit into thinking the room is already cold, so it turns off It will continue the cycle without actually cooling your room anywhere near the minimum 64 degrees which it shows, and will blow out air reaching 80+% humidity making the room uncomfortable. The water from the condenser pools up inside the outside part of the unit without a drain. The air direction adjustments do absolutely nothing left to right, and little up and down. I didn’t notice any difference when using the energy saver function. This unit has tiny flaws, like the cheap air vents and flawed temperture control (and at the minimum temperature of 64 which never actually cooled my room below 68) which prevent an otherwise great unit from being useful. I couldn’t deal with the mildly warm and humid room this AC made, so I returned it and got the HAIR 6000 BTU HWR06XCR-L which goes down to 61 and actually brings my room down to 61. The air vent controls work amazingly, and it wont increase my rooms humidity. While this GE air conditioner is decently quiet, it makes a jump/rattle whenever the compressor turns on and off, which I thought was normal, but the HAIR AC is quiet and smooth with no jumps (only as of day two of ownership though) Since both units cost the same price, I’d have to advise anyone to buy the HAIR any day over this one.
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