Garelick 21′ Snow Roof Rake

Garelick 21′ Snow Roof Rake

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Clean off the snow on the top of your house with the Garelick 21′ Snow Roof Rake. Protect your roof from the damage that heavy snow may cause. The Garelick roof rake is a must-have in your garage for this winter. It is easy to operate and features a large shovel head. The exclusive patented Shingle Shaver rollers stop the blade head from coming into contact with the roof surface, preventing any chance of damaging your roof. This durable aluminum roof rake is made to last. It weighs just 6 lbs so anyone may use it, but it operates strong and sturdy. Don’t wait to see the damage that heavy ice and snow will do to your roof in extreme winter weather. The Garelick 21′ Snow Roof Rake will help protect your roof and save you from having to spend money on repairs.
Garelick 89421 21′ Aluminum Snow Roof Rake:

  • 21′ snow roof rake
  • Garelick roof rake prevents damage from ice dams and removes heavy snow from roof
  • Exclusive patented Shingle Saver roller design is easier to use
  • Blade doesn’t touch roof’s surface, preventing damage
  • Model# 89421
  • Durable and strong aluminum
  • Simple to use and lightweight at only 6 lbs
  • Keep in your garage or shed so you are ready for those heavy snow storms
  • Protect your home and prevent leaks
  • Save money on repairs by preventing damage before it happens


  • We have a 2-story house and the rake plus 1 extension was able to reach about 3 feet over the roof. We were able to remove all of the icicles that had formed on the roof line with no damage to any of the shingles. Very happy with this product.
  • I really like my new roof rake and the delivery time was as promised……….just hope I don’t have to use it alot! 🙂 I have found no negatives with my rake at this point.
  • I was disappointed that this snow rake was not as sturdy as I had hoped. The lighter weight is easier on your arms, but doesn’t feel like it will be nearly as durable. I purposely avoided plastic rakes because I wanted better durability, and the fact that the Garelick rake was made in the U.S. was also a plus. But it just doesn’t seem to have the strength I had expected. Since I ordered on-line, there was no way to look at and feel the product in advance.
  • It worked exactly as advertised. We had over three feet of heavy snow on our roof with some ice dams. I was able to clear most of the snow, relieve the edges and gutters so the melt could drain away. With the extensions, I could reach our second story roof with no problem. The rollers I found to be important to prevent any roof damage. it saved our roof this year.
  • Without having used it I do not know if I would recommend it or not. So since I must mark yes or no about recommending and I keep getting bugged to rate I say no I will not recommend.
  • Do to large snow accumulation I lost two out building. I was able to save two other using a snow shovel and a contractor rake. Then I found out about the well design snow rake. This item reduce my effort by 50 % and was far safer to use. I wish I had it befor we received so much snow. It will always be on stand by for the next event.
  • Appears to work quite well, probably very well with normal snow conditions.I ordered the rake after a snow storm so the snow had thawed and refroze several times. It still worked but with effort getting the rake through the packed snow.
  • Receive the product incomplete none of the hardware was in the box.. I was receiving 7 days after what they day day posted when I purchased it
This new design all but eliminates the lifting and stretching usually associated with rooftop snow removal.
By far the best roof rake on the market with its exclusive, patented aShingle Savera rollers.
By far the best roof rake on the market with its exclusive, patented aShingle Savera rollers.
Features- Roof snow rake extension handle- Lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum construction- Snap lock feature quickly connects or disconnects for easy use or storage- Use with snow roof rake tv 278-6...
Brand: Garelick EEz-InMerchant: Walmart US
5a Extension, For use with all Garelick Roof Snow Rakes models - Aluminum with Snap Button