Fuel Pureformance Adjustable Utility Bench

Fuel Pureformance Adjustable Utility Bench

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Outfit your personal gym with the style and versatility of the Fuel Pureformance Adjustable Utility Bench. This compact and handsome bench transitions into a wide variety of positions that allow you to target the specific muscle groups you want to build. The steel construction, powder-finish and sturdy build will hold up to even the most intense strength routine. The gun metal coating and blue accents give the bench an attractive appearance that will look great in your home, garage or gym. Additionally, the transportation wheels and compact size will accommodate even the smallest spaces, making this an optimal choice for your strength training routine.
Fuel Pureformance Adjustable Utility Bench:

  • 6-position back pad and 3-position seat
  • Steel construction and powder-finish to prevent rust
  • Transportation wheels
  • Ideal for home fitness
  • Multiple positions allow you to target a wide range of muscle groups
  • Attractive appearance with a gun metal coating and striking blue accents
  • Oversized piping and generous padding
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs


  • Easy to assemble , decent product for the price, good for home use!
  • I’ve been actively using this bench for the past 2 weeks. This is a great bench for the price. I would recommend this to a friend. It was time for a new bench as the one I had was starting to break up. It says it’s rated to 300lb but I’ve seen other listings that say it needs to be changed to 700lbs. Between me and the weights, I’ve already put close to 600lbs on it already. Solid construction, though the padding isn’t as soft as I would like. Assembly was a breeze but the top pad appears to be at a slight cant. It’s still fully functional and only bothers my OCD tendencies. Pros: -Light weight, easy to move -Fluid adjust ability on the fly -Adjustable lower seat (Great for added support during incline presses) -Great value (Exceeds other benches in this price range) Cons: -Harder cushion than I thought -Wish the position lock up was a little more secure especially for the top portion (again more OCD) Overall I think this bench will serve my purposes for years to come. If anything changes I’ll post an updated review.
  • Overall, I think this is a fairly robust bench and a good value. It’s attractive and works in a home gym setting. The only caveats are that three pieces of hardware were missing, but it only cost me a couple bucks at my local hardware store to replace them. Wasn’t pleased with the inconvenience, but wanted to use the bench right away, so I didn’t call Customer Service. Also the screw adjustments take too long during quick super-set workouts and should be replaced in the next model with a spring loaded version for quick bench adjustments.
  • This bench seems real nice, Bench itself has nice fit and finish and frame is real sturdy. The locking pins are easy to use and hold it tight w/ no wobbles. Great buy for the money!
  • I bought this bench to replace one that’s over 20 years old and has been outdoors the entire time. The cushions and plywood on my old bench are nearly rotted away, so I figured I’d finally treat my self to an upgrade. This Fuel bench is really solid, heavy duty, and well made. The cushions are comfortable. The only drawback is that the bench angle adjustment is locked with a screw-in knob instead of a spring loaded pullout pin like the pro high end benches have. Meh. So it takes me 10 seconds to set the new angle instead of 1 second. This minor annoyance is the only reason I don’t give it a 5 star. Otherwise it’s great. Buy one, workout, stay healthy!
  • As other reviewers have pointed out the seats do not line up correctly. I read the reviews and thought that maybe some folks got the odd poorly constructed bench. So for $100.00 it was worth the risk to buy it and see, it wasn’t. The ordering process is easy, the delivery came a day early, the assembly is simple however the product is not well made.
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