Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Musical Activity Walker

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Musical Activity Walker

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Add to the fun and excitement of learning to walk—with the Fisher-Price Musical Activity Walker! Baby can sit and play—or stand and walk! Hands–on activities include piano keys to press, guitar toggle to flip, turning tambourine dial, bat-and-spin maraca, and saxophone to press for real horn sounds. Sturdy support helps new walkers feel confident, and lively music and fun sounds encourage them to keep putting one foot in front of the other!

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Musical Activity Walker:

  • Age Range: 6M+
  • Two ways for baby to play Sit & Play or Stand & Walk!
  • Musical piano keys and saxophone
  • Toggle guitar, tambourine dial, bat-and-spin maraca
  • Sturdy base steadies first steps
  • Requires 3 AA batteries


  • The music is educational, good to the ear as it has two volume level. It is sturdy to use and fun for children.
  • Super cute, easy to assemble, real simple, and definitely a low price. Plus the music it plays doesn’t get too overwhelming like some. Looking for a walker online I was starting to get a headache, all of the fancy things these days, not to mention the outrageous prices, its sometimes hard to tell what is what. This has done exactly what I wanted, my baby is walking! He still enjoys playing with this, he’ll still push it around and, he still plays with the front of it. The Fisher Price musical activity walker has worked perfectly for my family. I would definitely recommend this.
  • My grandson loves this toy. It is great for babies just starting to walk & has many activities in front for playing while sitting down.
  • The Activity Walker was just perfect. My grand daughter just turned 1. So she can use this to help her learn to walk better. While making her own music.
  • well my son got this when he was about a year…he was only “cruising” (he didn’t walk unless holding onto furniture# . this toy really helped him a lot! he became more confident walking around and learned very quickly how to walk on his own. even though he can walk on his own now, he really still enjoys pushing this toy around and he loves the music on it ! the one thing that was kinda scary is that we have wood floors and it goes pretty fast on non carpeted surfaces! yikes. but once he got the hang of it #a few days of practice# he learned how to use it without going too fast.
  • I bought the activity walker for my grandsons first birthday. He loved it. It was appropriate for his height, very easy to glide across the floor. Improved his walking he’s more stable. Also he loves the sounds so he can stand and dance. I would highly recommend this product. Shipping was fast also. We both couldn’t be more happier.
  • it is good if you have a carpeted floor. It has no speed adjustment and you have to watch after your kid . I would not recommend this products. Thank you
Two ways for baby to play: Sit; Play or Stand; Walk! Musical piano keys and saxophoneToggle guitar, tambourine dial, bat-and-spin maracaSturdy base steadies first stepsRequires 3 AA batteries
Brand: Fisher-PriceMerchant: Walmart US
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