EZ-AC Air Conditioner Support Bracket

EZ-AC Air Conditioner Support Bracket

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The EZ-AC is a window air-conditioner support bracket that makes air-conditioner installation safe, fast and easy for any homeowner or apartment tenant!
EZ-AC Air Conditioner Support Bracket:

  • Eliminates the risk of dropping the A/C out of the window during installation
  • Eliminates the need for any drilling
  • Works with any brand air-conditioner up to 12,000 BTU’s
  • Prevents damage to home
  • Makes A/C installation fast, safe and easy
  • Rugged quality


  • The EZ-AC is pretty perfect. It is a little tedious to put together, but not difficult. And the company’s website with video instructions makes it really easy. It’s just a little cumbersome for one person. That said.. It works perfectly. It holds the AC easily. We live in a mobile home and were worried it would be too heavy in the window but it was perfect. Definitely recommend. I only take off a star because there is one section where it’s not entirely easy for a klutz like me to get the wrench into socket to tighten the bolt. Otherwise….great product
  • The brackets worked well on a range of window AC sizes. The only problem I ran into was that one of the three kits I ordered arrived without hardware. Otherwise they were easy to install and worked well. Once installed there was much less vibratory noise than when our AC units were mounted by wood screws into the window sills.
  • When I was assembling it I ran into a sticking point. I contacted the manufacturer and told them that a bolt exceeded the height of the frame. They told me that I was right and then shipped me the correct hardware. within a few days I received a new frame and parts! Ask for Jason he’s extremely helpful! I alerted him that the first video was far too fast, and within two days he added a new one with better details, etc. !
  • So I’m a single woman and I live in an apartment in the city. The AC I got from a friend was so heavy and I was worried about it falling out the window. Or breaking the old window. I asked my landlord but he didn’t want me to instal anything that needed to be drilled into the window frame. So I googled my options, and got this bracket. Not only did I instal it myself, but I was able to lift the heavy AC and easily slide it right in the window. It was so sturdy and made me feel so much more at easy. And my landlord loved the product too!! So this product lives by its name it is EASY (EZ)!! 😀 thanks!!!!
  • When I saw a friend install an EZ/AC Support Bracket in there window, I couldn’t believe how nice it looked, strong metal, white and smooth paint, It looked so nice I had to have one. I asked them where they bought it and they said Walmart.com so I purchased one. The friend is happy with there’s and I am sure I will be happy with mine. And by the looks of it , it will last many years.
  • Finally, an air conditioner support bracket that is durable, EZ to assemble, affordable, and sets up in just minutes. I have lost two air conditioners in the past; falling through other inferior air conditioner support brackets. Thank you Paramount Tool, Inc. for the answer to my prayers! I would recommend the EZ-AC air conditioner support bracket to anyone; it will always be my first choice!
  • We installed it by following the instructions on the package and YouTube video. We noticed the bottom of the rack is leaking water during a rain storm. We are in the process of remove it and return the product.
EZ-AC Air Conditioning Support Bracket The days are getting hotter, and it's time to put in your window air conditioner (groan) . Make it easier on yourself with this support bracket that's made of ru...
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