Everlast EverGrip Weighted Vest

Everlast EverGrip Weighted Vest

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Add some extra pounds to your exercise routine with the Everlast EverGrip Weighted Vest. It is engineered for strength training and total body conditioning. This neoprene weighted training vest has built-in iron and sand filling. Adjust the straps for an ideal fit and comfort. Special panels secure it to limit movement while exercising. Use the Everlast weighted vest while running or jogging to improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance. It features reflective tape across the top shoulder area so drivers and passersby will see you coming. To build muscles quicker use it for training exercising as well as performing simple chores. This weighted training vest can also be used for more resistance while riding a bike or walking.
Everlast EverGrip Weighted Vest:

  • Engineered for strength training, total body conditioning, muscular and cardiovascular endurance
  • Neoprene vest with built-in iron and sand weight filling
  • Adjustable straps for ideal fit and comfort
  • EverGrip technology feature with textured panels underneath vest secures placement and limits vest movement during exercise
  • One size fits most
  • 1-year warranty
  • Everlast weighted vest available in 10 lb and 20 lb weights


  • I have an interesting story, the first vest I bought (direct store purchase) the bags did not fit in the sleeve of the vest, so I returned it. The second vest I bought, the 10 lbs version of this vest had pink reflective trim, not as shown on the web site, so I returned it. This one the 20 lbs version is perfect, the trim is not yellow as shown its dark blue, but its perfect for a male. So long story short, I love the way this vest fits and adjusts!
  • This is a good running vest. The image shows yellow bands near the shoulders, and mine are purple. I am a man, and I believe the purple looks feminine. Perhaps the vest is for women, I didn’t see that described anywhere though. Regardless, I covered the purple with duct tape and wear the vest for running and strength workouts. The 10 lbs is a little light. I would go for the 20 if you looking for a challenge, which if your buying a weighted vest you obviously are. Does not bounce around while running. I’ve been using mine for a couple of weeks and it seems durable. The total weight is fixed, meaning not adjustable. Which is clearly stated in the product description.
  • This is a great workout. Running, jumping rope or just walking. And when you take it off, it feels as if your walking on clouds. Very comfortable.
  • I have worn several different weight vests, and this one is the best. It is very comfortable, stays in place when I run, and the weight is distributed perfectly. I love the design and functionality.
  • As it is made, it TOTALLY squished my breasts. But I cut the thing in the front and now it works great! And it is MUCH easier to get on and off. I only use it to walk, not run, so if you were using it to run, this might not work.
  • great for a more intense workout whether your running doing pushups, pull-ups etc. Backpack-like straps don’t restrict breathing like a normal weighted vest would. Not too bulky either so you can hide it under a sweater.
  • Seems very well made and serves its purpose. The 20 pounds is a little difficult to get over your head easily. It feels a bit clammy once you’ve worked up a sweat. It’s great if you have difficulty holding hand weights.
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