Emson Gotham Steel 10.5″ Grill

Emson Gotham Steel 10.5″ Grill

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10.5″ Grill

Healthy Cooking!
Oven safe up to 500
Dishwasher Safe

Lifetime replacement warranty*

Product Features

  • No sticking! Aluminum cookware
  • As seen on TV
  • No oil or butter needed!
  • Made with titanium & ceramic stronger than ever!
  • Non-Stick Ti-Cerama coating
  • Free 50 recipes
  • Lifetime replacement warranty


  • These 2 were gifts for relatives. Had the original for about 6 months. Cooks quick & clean & has no equal in the design. Just follow the instructions that come with it. Cleanup is also quick & easy. If for some reason something does stick, put soapy water and everything dissolves and is clean as new. Both grand kids love to cook, cleanup not so much.
  • Love this grill pan. Works just like it promises. Nonstick and easy clean up.
  • Love it