DPI WR182 Weatherx Weatherband Radio with Mobile Phone Charger

DPI WR182 Weatherx Weatherband Radio with Mobile Phone Charger

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Be prepared for the fury of mother nature, even at her worst, with this DPI WR182 Weatherx Radio. This emergency kit essential safeguards you when disaster strikes. The DPI radio with mobile phone charger features NOAA alerts and AM/FM programs. Its LED flashlight helps during power outages, and its hand crank ensures power generation to keep you safe and informed before, during and after the next storm. With the ability to always have a cellular mobile phone charged, this weatherband radio will make sure that family and loved ones are just as safe and secure as you are. It has a AM/FM radio with direct tuning, and a built-in speaker. The telescopic FM antenna and built-in AM antenna will ensure that you can tune in to on-air stations for updates. The unit works with the built-in rechargeable NiMH battery or three AA batteries. It comes with a DC charging cable and female USB, microUSB and miniUSB connectors. Batteries are sold separately.

DPI WR182 Weatherx Weatherband Radio with Mobile Phone Charger:

  • AM/FM radio (direct tuning)
  • Weatherband, all 7 channels
  • DPI radio with mobile phone charger and LED flashlight
  • Built-in speaker
  • Dynamo hand-crank power
  • Telescopic FM antenna
  • Built-in AM antenna
  • DC battery power: built-in rechargeable NiMH battery
  • DC battery power: requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Includes DC charging cable with connectors (female USB, microUSB, miniUSB)
  • Weatherband radio with NOAA alerts


  • For the price it is a great little radio. It has many features of a much more expensive radio. Thanks Walmart.
  • Since the 60’s always loved listening to this type radio, same feeling, same tuning, better sound. enjoy this radio at home, at work or during power outages…
  • Works great. I wish it had a handle for easier carrying. The crank handle is made out of plastic and you have to be careful that you don’t snap it off while cranking. Great product for the $. I bought an extra for a Christmas gift.
  • Our power goes out a lot and we need battery power when it does. This is a versatile well made device that helps in many ways.
  • It’s a great thing to have around….BUT I do not think that the cell phone charger feature is what your should but this for. It would take forever to charge your cell phone on this. Better off to plug in your car charger. It’s smaller than I thought. But that’s fine. Works well.
  • Light is very bright. You do have to crank A LOT to get cell to charge. Overall amazing deal for the price.
  • I did buy this Radio after the 12/26/15 tornadoes in the DFW. I want to know what is coming before the tornado alarms go off. Loved the fact that I can use the radio without batteries! I would recommend this Item, specially if you live in TX, OK or MO.
  • This radio does all it is advertised to do. I love it. The reception on all bands is great. It charges my Android smartphone. Be sure to read the simple instructions so that you can use it correctly. I do not know how they can sell this for such a low price but I am happy that they can and do!
  • Cheaply made and poor radio reception in magor metropolitan area. Does not come will ac charger. No worth the money so I returned it.