Disney Nemo Tub with Toys

Disney Nemo Tub with Toys

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The Disney Pixar Finding Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub takes baby through three stages with a large mesh sling for newborns along with infant and toddler positions. The reclined backrest and soft foam padding offer comfort, while the shell-shaped design and Nemo-themed toys add a touch of seaside whimsy. Swim, baby, swim!
Disney Pixar Finding Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub, Blue:

  • Newborn, infant and toddler stages
  • Large mesh sling for newborns
  • Fun shell design
  • Soft foam pad on reclined backrest for added comfort
  • Includes a Bloat pour cup and Nemo squirtee
  • Mildew-resistant pads
  • Netting is machine washable and dryable
  • Dimensions: 16″L x 27.5″W x 8.25″H


  • Comfortable for baby to be in, very adaptable to use while baby grows, plug at bottom makes it easy to empty, toys that come with it make it fun.
  • My baby just turned 6 months and is 27 inches tall. We changed the bathroom faucet to a kitchen faucet with the pull out hose sprayer. We used the sling for the first 2 months, placed it on the bathroom counter and sprayed her so we didn’t have to submerge her so I never worried about her safety. From 2 months until now we place it in the bathtub and fill it halfway up to bathe her. We love it’s contoured seating and cushioned back inside so she’s comfortable. I can’t use it past her first year because she’s very tall but I’ve found another tub for her next few years. I don’t use the toys that came with it but they’re ok. I don’t believe toys are for bath time, just get the baby in and out as soon as you can for safety, but that’s a personal opinion.
  • Found this bathtub at Babies r Us so much more expensive. Glad Walmart carried it
  • This tub is amazing! my son fits in it perfectly without falling over or sliding all over the place. I love how the head rest (on the plastic part of the tub) has kind of like a non slip grip on it. My son loves it! I love it! So glad i bought this one!
  • My son is so wabbly that itnwa hrd to bath him in he regular baby tubs without a mesh, so the mesh and stop in thentub makes it so he doest slide around, money well spend. We love it!!
  • This bathtub has most of the features that our current bathtub has, for half of the cost. I would definitely recommend it. The feature that it is lacking but desirable is the plastic hook that allows one to hang it to the wall. I personally think that the hook would be a space saver and allow the bathtub to drain and air dry completely. I do like the foam padding very much, and wish we had this before. The padding is non slippery and adds some cushion between the baby and the hard plastic. But I would have wanted it to be lined all the way through the back rest, not just a potion of it. Other than that, I also like the pretty blue color for boys, and the two fun toys it came with. It seems to be a bit bigger than our current tub too. All in all, I think the bathtub has great features and will probably replace our current tub with it.
  • The plug at the bouton is leaking, there was water everywhere.
Measures about 2 inches tall.
Brand: Thinkway ToysMerchant: Walmart US
Measures about 2 inches tall.
Brand: Thinkway ToysMerchant: Walmart US
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