Cuizen Hot Dog Steamer

Cuizen Hot Dog Steamer

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This Cuizen Hot Dog Steamer features an adjustable timer to ensure your food gets to the correct temperature. It can cook and hold up to 12 hot dogs and buns at once. This small countertop appliance is designed with a steamer pan on the bottom, a removable drawer and a lid for the top steamer bin. This electric hot dog bun steamer is hand washable.
Cuizen Hot Dog Steamer:

  • Patented steaming system
  • Steams up to 12 hot dogs and 12 buns at one time
  • Cooking timer
  • Steams a variety of foods
  • Includes a “Hot Dogs of the World” recipe booklet with 40 hot dog variations
  • Hot dog steamer machine dimensions: 18.00″L x 14.00″W x 13.00″H
  • Model# ST-1412


  • So when I got it I did notice it is made out of plastic. Regardless, it does it’s job. The hotdogs, even the larger ones like sausage dogs, cook really fast, about 10 -15 min. You pull open the drawer and will notice them starting to split, that will let you know they are done. The buns only take a min or two to warm up. The taste of the hotdogs are amazing. So juicy! I know my family will be using this product a lot!
  • Great. Just in time for the playof. 15 min was all it took. Love it !!
  • We have a chili and hot dog party every Halloween. This was such a fun and unique product. The hot dogs and buns were perfect and tasted great!! Everyone raved about them. It was also super easy to use!!
  • I bought the hotdog steamer online and it was delivered within a few days. I was planning an outdoor movie night and it was a big hit. It works great!
  • Great product!!! Definitely buy it so worth it. I have done hot dogs sausage and corn so far and it works greaatt! Clean up is not that bad either. Cooks in about 12 minutes.
  • I plugged it in and was amazed at how fast it heated the water and created the steam
  • Does ok however buns get wet if left too long in there
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