Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central 18-Cup Coffee Grinder Silver

Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central 18-Cup Coffee Grinder Silver

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Grind enough beans for up to 18 cups of coffee.

Brushed stainless-steel housing is sturdy and long-lasting

90-gram capacity has enough room for up to 18 cups

Measurement markings make it easy to measure and grind the precise amount of coffee beans

Stainless-steel bowl is removable for your convenience

On/off switch with safety interlock prevents accidents

Includes a transparent cover, storage lid and instruction book

Comes with a limited 18-month warranty


  • I love the grinder that I bought at Best Buy!! I use it every day to grind coffee and get to enjoy fresh flavored coffee!!
  • I purchased this grinder to grind my spices and it does a wonderful job. Love that the grinder container comes with a lid for easy storage. Nicely priced as well.
  • I love it, nothing better than enjoy fresh grind coffee, I does not take that much of space, works well
  • This coffee grinder works great. Its much quieter than the one it’s replacing and makes short work of grinding coffee.
  • We now own two of these grinders.. They do a fantastic job on spices and coffee.
    Thank you
  • I haven’t tried to grind anything but coffee. It works well and grinds very quickly. I like that the blades and bowl are metal. I was going to choose another grinder, but this one wine due to the metal parts.
  • I bought this to replace my old coffee grinder. It does a great job and is much quieter. The price was reasonable.
  • I recently purchased the grinder and am really enjoying it (The coffee from it).
    When doing a really fine grind, the grounds get stuck in the corners and you need to use something to get them out.
    Grounds will stick to the lid and then randomly fall out so you want to keep the lid upside down when possible.
    There isn’t a good place to store the cap they give you for the grinding cup, so I’m pretty sure it will get lost before I am able to use it.
    It has a plastic base on the grinding cup which concerns me regarding breaking it’s that is what locks the cup in place. ]
    No real problems yet and I’m not sure that the issues I have wouldn’t be inherent in any external grinder.
  • Have always been a big fan of Cuisinart products. This grinder is perfect to grind up to 18 cups of coffee beans. Why grind your coffee beans at the store when you can grind your coffee beans fresh as needed. Very happy with this purchase.
  • Bought along with new coffee maker to replace a broken two in one. Does a nice job of preparing the beans for fresh coffee and it relatively easy to clean.
  • Purchased this attractive little grinder for spices and it works wonderfully. I especially like that the grinding cup comes with a lid so that It can also be used for storage. I plan to purchase an extra cup for coffee beans.
  • It’s powerful and efficient, it does not have a level for grinding size preference but better yet you just grind until you’ve reached your desired density. I grind a week’s portion on a weekly basis and always have a fresh tasting coffee,, ohh it’s delicious and I can achieve that with this grinder
  • This was really messy. It would spill coffee grounds all the time. I won’t buy it.
Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central coffee grinder with stainless steel blades. Dishwasher safe, removable stainless steel grinding bowl with storage lid for keeping extra coffee grounds.
Grinder Lid with Integrated Button for the DCG-12BCN Grind Central Coffee Grinder.
Brand: CuisinartMerchant: Cuisinart Webstore
Stainless-Steel Blade & Cup Assembly for the DCG-12BCN Grind Central Coffee Grinder. Stainless-steel cup height is 2 high (not including black base) .
Brand: CuisinartMerchant: Cuisinart Webstore
The Grind Central Coffee Grinder features a brushed stainless steel housing, and removable stainless bowl and blade assembly. With a 90-gram capacity and Measurement Markings, you can efficiently meas...
Brand: CuisinartMerchant: Office Depot
Easily brew up to 12 cups of great-tasting coffee with this 24-hour fully programmable coffeemaker. The unit comes equipped with a built-in burr grinder, which automatically grinds beans right before ...
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