Crock-Pot Programmable 6 Quart 1.0 CT

Crock-Pot Programmable 6 Quart 1.0 CT

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Crock-Pot Programmable- 6 Quart. Its oversized handles carry your slow cooker with ease. Secure-fit lid is easy-to-use locking lid featuring rubber gasket for extra seal. It has removable HeatSaver stoneware, Pre-set digital control and travel temperature gauge. Dishwasher safe stoneware and lid.

  • Crock-Pot Programmable – 6 Quart.
  • Crock-Pot Programmable.
  • The original slow cooker.
  • Programmable cook.
  • Travel.
  • Serve.
  • With HeatSaver stoneware.Lock!
  • Travel!
  • Serve!
  • Removable stoneware.
  • Pre-set digital control.
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware and lid.
  • Shifts to warm setting automatically.
  • Travel temperature gauge.
  • Cord storage.
  • HeatSaver stoneware keeps food hot up to 30% longer!
  • * *Compared to Crock-Pot 6qt Cook & Carry slow cookers.
  • 7+ people.
  • 6 quart oval.
  • Removable HeatSaver stoneware.
  • Large handles.
  • Locking lid.
  • Secure-fit lid.
  • Shifts to warm automatically.
  • Less mess on-the-go: Your meal stays in when you go out.
  • Oversized handles: Carry your slow cooker with ease.
  • Secure-fit lid: Easy-to-use locking lid featuring rubber gasket for extra seal.
  • Since we invented the slow cooker.
  • Crock-Pot brand has been committed to bringing you the highest quality products for your family.
  • We are the brand you have trusted for more than 35 years, and we continue to deliver new innovation to make mealtime easier, giving you more time to enjoy life.
  • If it’s not Crock-Pot brand, it’s not the original slow cooker.
  • Easy appetizers.
  • Nutritious meals.
  • Doing business as Jarden Consumer Solutions.
  • One year limited warranty-see inside for details.
  • Due to continuing product development, the product inside the packaging may look slightly different than the one on the package.
  • Sunbeam Products, Inc. is a subsidiary of Jarden Corporation (NYSE: JAH).
  • Household use only.
  • Due to constant design and quality improvements, the appliance inside may look slightly different from the picture on the box.
  • UL listed.
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  • Comments?
  • 800-323-9519.
  • For savory, time-saving recipes, visit us at
  • 2014 Sunbeam Products, Inc., doing business as Jarden Consumer Solutions.
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  • i got my crockpot for christmas just wished it came with a manuel so i didnt have to guess on how it works
  • Keep warm feature can hold dinner for late arrivals. Easy to clean. Latch on lid for potlucks is great. Like Goldilocks, this size is just right for a small roast and all the veggies intended for 4 servings plus leftovers to make a delicious soup. Roast cooked very tender. The descending timer helped to have the answer “When is supper ready”.
  • Great product!Great price! The timer is what sold me. The size is perfect! It works like a charm!
  • Non stick. Timer. Wonderful and priced well
  • Love and happy we bought yhis. Heat is more controlled and even than our manual crock pot. You can tell by the cooking results… maybe it is because food can be cooked for x amount of time and that is it. Warmer setting comes in handy if you are not home right away to turn off. Size is perfect for cooking for 4. We eat alot so that is why i say for 4 with seconds. Maybe 5 if the fifth is a small kid. Love it! Only thing i wish this could do is have option for high setting first then switch to low setting… this does not do this but this is real cooking sometimes … but maybe i am asking for too much and really just need a robot to replace me in kitchen to just stand there to turn up the heat or lower it ha ha Not going to happen. Still love it!!
  • Loved everything about it. Easy to use, easy to clean, and kept my food and hamburger dips hot. I loved being able to take my pot to dinners and parties at my old job. The locks worked wonders. Never spilt any food from it. The thermostat on the front helped out too. So I knew if my food needed to be reheated or good and hot to serve. I miss my crock pot and will buy another one soon. Got some new crock pot recipes to test out!
  • So happy I bought this crock pot in spite of the negative reviews. Yes, you are stuck “programming” your cooking time to the 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours preset on the cooker, but who really needs more than that? Yes, the outside gets hot; its a pot. Don’t whine, just buy an insulated carrier for the pot lucks. Yes, you will find your food still cold if you lift the lid 30 minutes after you put frozen meat and veggies in to cook for 6 hours, it takes time to build up the heat, that’s why they call them “slow cookers”. I absolutely LOVE this thing! My 3 pound pot roast simply fell apart after 6 hours, and the 5 pound one did the same. My whole chicken was falling off the bone. Everything had turned out perfect. This CrockPot is wonderful! I highly recommend it.
  • The temperature setting on lowest setting boils food. Temperature as well as the digital timer doesn’t work correctly. Crock Pot use to be a good name, but like everything that starts good, it is just a name with no quality. Not worth the headache or the money.

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