Coleman 25-piece Enamelware Dining Set with Stainless Steel Flatware

Coleman 25-piece Enamelware Dining Set with Stainless Steel Flatware

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The Coleman 25-piece Enamelware Dining Set includes an enamelware dining set and stainless steel flatware. The enamel Coleman dining set includes four dinner plates, four coffee cups, and four mixing bowls. Knives, forks, and spoons- four each are included in the dining set. With double coated enamel coating, this outdoor dinner set is very easy to clean and maintain. Regular geometry of the pieces in the set ensures easy stacking. The Coleman 25-piece Enamelware Dining Set carry case lets you organize the flatware efficiently and carry it around with ease. The bright red color of the Coleman dining set adds elegance to your dining table, whether youre dining indoors or outdoors.

About Coleman: Nearly 100 years ago, a young man with an entrepreneurial spirit began manufacturing lanterns in Wichita, Kansas. His name was W.C. Coleman. Today, Coleman makes top-quality products that are found on outdoor adventures and family camping trips all over America.

Coleman 25-piece Enamelware Dining Set with Stainless Steel Flatware:

  • Four 10-inch dinner plates
  • Four 10-ounce coffee cups
  • Four 6-inch mixing bowls
  • Four knives
  • Four forks
  • Four spoons
  • The red dining set with stainless steel flatware includes a compact carrying case for utensils


  • It is the only red enamelware I could locate on the internet. It is a medium weight product and looks to be in good condition. I believe it is priced very fairly for the amount of product given (complete set for 4).
  • Metal dishes for camping. They look sturdy. I expect long wear from this item.
  • Can’t wait to give this well-made dining set to my Mother In-Law for Christmas. She owns a RV, this is perfect!! 🙂
  • Great product for the price. Tried the utensils at home and the fork I feel should have a bigger curve. Small chip on one of the cups right out of the box but not a big deal to me. Got these for camping so Im really excited to try them out soon. Rated it 4 stars because I haven’t tried them yet .
  • I was very pleased with the camping dinnerware and flatware set. So far, it measures up to the quality I expect from the Coleman brand.
  • If you need enamelware to feed this is a relatively good product, however it is not as thick as some of the fancy enamelware but definitely worth the price. The silverware is Just an added touch if you need silverware at camp, but you may choose other utensils.
  • I love Coleman products. I’ve been using them in one form or another most of my life. So, when I moved and was unable to unpack my kitchen because of the packing container’s location, I saw these and jumped. Not only do they save me from eating out of paper plates, they’re light weight and the eating utensils are attractive and an easy-to-handle size. But the best part is, after I do get to unpack my dishes, I’ll have a perfected camping set with a handy holder for the matching silverware. Great product.
  • This is the second set of Coleman dishes I have bought, first was a blue set that I have had for years. Loved them , very sturdy has held up excellant. saw they had the red set and I had to have them. You just can’t go wrong with Coleman.
  • The dishes and the cups are badly made that they CHIP. Before I use them!!!!
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