Coleman 120V Electric Portable Pump

Coleman 120V Electric Portable Pump

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Quickpump 120V Pump

Pinch valve adaptor
Fill most common inflatables

Double lock/ Boston valve adaptor
Inflate airbeds and other inflatables

Extension hose
Flexible design for convenient use

120V Plug
Power the pump from any home outlet
Coleman 120V Electric Portable Pump:

  • Quickly inflate or deflate virtually any airbed or inflatable
  • Powerful enough to inflate a queen double-high airbed in 2 minutes
  • Hose valve for inflation at nearly any angle
  • 120V pump plugs into home outlets
  • Added adapters for Coleman Double Lock Valves, Boston valves or pinch valves
  • Limited 1-year warranty


Instructions: . For Household / Residential Use Only


  • Great pump. It fills up air mattresses very quickly.
  • Worked lot better than doing by hand. Still has a slow air flow so it takes a few minutes but compact & easy to use
  • Excellent pump for blowing up air beds. I have a king size air bed and the Coleman Pump filled it very quickly
  • This pump is great! I just blew up a full sized Intex mattress in 5 minutes. Deflating it worked even quicker too! Please note: you may have to unscrew the plastic valve cover off your mattress, and use the pointy tip on the pump (it comes with 2 tips). The reviewer saying it doesn’t work with a plastic valve cover is not correct. We had a cheap pump that ran off the car cigarette lighter. It took forever! And the motor actually blew and and damaged the wiring in the car. I recommend this pump!
  • I’ve used several different pumps in the past for blowup mattresses. Many seem to take forever. This thing can inflate a standard twin size mattress literally in seconds. I didn’t use the pump to deflate the mattress simply because I forgot it did it, but I can only imagine it works just as well the other way. Super simple, yet highly powerful design. Highly recommended.
  • While I’m not sure how long this pump will last, I’m very happy with it’s powerful air output and for the money I think it’s a bargain!
  • I use this to blow up our inflatable pools and inner tubes, and it only takes a couple of minutes. I am buying one for a friend after they told me their air mattress pump takes them over a 1/2 hour to inflate a twin mattress!
  • I needed this to blow up a large exercise ball and thes Coleman 120V Electric Portable Pump passed the test with flying colors. Had I attempted to use the “pump” provided with the ball, I would have simply returned it. I know that this pump will allow me to pump up air mattresses, footballs and any other item I may need. For the cost it is a bargain for what you get.
  • Started to slowly stop working and wouldn’t fully fill my mattress, now it doesn’t turn on anymore. Only had it for 2 months and used it less than 5 times before tHis started happening
Use this 120V Coleman Pump to inflate or deflate almost any airbed from nearly any angle. Operating this pump is easy; simply plug the cord into a standard outlet and fit the pump to the air opening o...
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