Classic Games Collection Inlaid Wood Chess Set with 3″ King

Classic Games Collection Inlaid Wood Chess Set with 3″ King

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Enjoy chess matches on the go with the Classic Games Collection Inlaid Wood Chess Set. This foldable wood chessboard has a padded interior to safely store its pieces inside, and it latches for easy storage and transport. The chess set is 16 square inches when open. It includes a beautiful inlaid wood chessboard and hand-carved Staunton-style chessmen. Introduce your child to the classic tactical game of chess with this kids’ board game.
Classic Games Collection Inlaid Wood Chess Set With 3″ King:

  • Complete chess set
  • Inlaid wood chess board with 1 3/4″ squares
  • Hand-carved wood Staunton chessmen with 3″ King
  • Board size 16″ x 16″


  • nice set to keep at the cabin for rainy days
  • I do not know how it will be to play the game with yet as it is a Christmas gift but opened to look at everything and like the fact that each piece has its own spot to be put back in and that the Chess board folds up.
  • bought this for my 10 year old grandson, just beautiful for the price
  • More than I expected. The set came a day sooner and the quality was flawless.
  • It’s a decent looking, decent sized chess set at a decent price.
  • This is a nice size board with storage space for the pieces and a latch to keep it folded up. It is great for any situation where the board isn’t being bounced about – it would not be good for use while traveling. It is a very attractive set.
  • This is a Christmas gift and the quality of the chess set was good. Hand carved made me want to purchase this item.
  • I bought this for a Christmas present for a 15 year old. I had bought a much more expensive one from another source and was disappointed in it. This is a decent size and a good board for his first one. I definitely recommend this board if you are looking for an inexpensive set that looks like it will last.
  • The set I received had one bishop of a small size, so I returned the product. The chess pieces are very light and do not give a good feel when you handle them. They are made of cheap, light wood and the finishing is crude, especially the knights. The board is of good quality and the square inlays were perfect. The lock of the board was rusted at spots. All in all, I would not recommend buying this. It is not worth eighteen bucks.