CAP 40 lb Weight Set with Solid Curl Bar

CAP 40 lb Weight Set with Solid Curl Bar

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Increase strength and define muscles with the CAP Barbell 40-pound Weight Set with Solid Curl Bar. This set includes one 47-inch solid standard EZ curl bar with threaded ends, four 2.5-pound standard plates, two five-pound standard plates, two 10-pound standard plates, and two star collars. Everything you need to customize your workout in one affordable, high quality package. Made of solid chromed steel and cast iron, the items in this set are durable enough to stand up to the most rigorous workout routines and are built to last. The curl bar and dumbbell handles are equipped with threaded ends and knurled hand grips that reduce slippage and allow a proper grip. With the inclusion the start collars, you can rest assure you are not sacrificing safety. This kit is vital to any weight training routine and is great for beginners and fitness experts alike.
CAP 40 lb Weight Set with Solid Curl Bar:

  • Includes: solid threaded curl bar, two star collars, four 2.5 lb standard plates, two 5 lb standard plates, and two 10 lb standard plates
  • Accommodates 1″ hole plates
  • Curl bar is constructed of solid steel and holds up to 200 lbs
  • Diamond knurled hand grips improve griping power
  • Customize your strength routine
  • Great for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts


  • Great product for a great price. Bar iss nice, not cheap feeling. Collars spin on/off easily.
  • It’s sturdy and doesn’t have curls as shown in the picture but that is something I liked.
  • Feels solid, theres no assemble besides putting the nuts on after your weights. The bend in the middle is more dramatic in the picture than the curl bar that arrived, personally i like it better.
  • I bought this set to compliment my CAP dumbbells. Great set for a great price to add options in addition to your dumbbell workout routine. Highly recommend to anyone looking to isolate their chest, arms and triceps.
  • I have regular weights straight bar … this one is too long and when I used it .. it is no so ergonomic as it appears for lack of curvatures… definitely not what I expected. But too cumbersome to return..