Calm Folding Exercise Bike

Calm Folding Exercise Bike

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With the Calm Cardio Exercise Bike, you can get the comfortable cardio session you need to burn calories and improve your health in the privacy of home. The 15” wide, padded, upholstered seat makes long cycling sessions enjoyable. Plus, you’ll be able to read, listen to music and watch TV while riding. In addition to the seat, the bike has two holders: one near the monitor for a tablet or book and another for your phone or remote.
Calm Folding Exercise Bike:

  • 15″ wide, padded, upholstered seat
  • Hand Pulse sensors that sync with monitor
  • 8 levels of quiet, magnetic resistance
  • Scanning, multi-function monitor with simple, single-button control
  • Curved handlebars for multiple hand positions
  • Textured pedals with straps for security
  • Remote/phone holder
  • Tablet tray
  • Endcaps that further secure the bike and protect floor
  • Compact, foldable design
  • Built-in wheels for transportation


  • Wonderful bike for the money; sturdy, quiet, and compact. The assembly instructions aren’t bad, but not great. For example, they don’t say which direction the wheels should face, and they fit on two ways. No big deal, I figured they face forward, which works. Also, the instructions say the meter takes two AA batteries, but it actually takes AAAs. One caveat: I am a bit under 6 ft tall and the seat doesn’t quite extend as far as I’d like. Taller people probably ought to consider a different bike. Overall, however, I am quite pleased with this product. It’s an excellent value.
  • Easy assembly about 20 minutes, no tools needed than what’s in the box. -Sturdy design , Im a male about 255 lb , 5’8 height and there’s no wobble or sign of tipping. – Can watch Netflix on my MacBook Air without any worry of it moving of the stand – Within 5 minutes on level 3 I was already feeling the burn, this bike has 8 levels. – Buy it! .And 2 AAA batteries.
  • Am very impressed with this bike, very sturdy. Easily folds up & stores away nicely.
  • I am 53 years old, and currently weigh 190lb. I enjoy riding this bike. This bike is comfortable with its “very” large and padded seat. It is easy to assemble, sturdy and steady when mounting, dismounting and riding. Easily carried outside if desired. Then easy to bring back in. The various control readings work perfectly. The tension knob dials easily up or down while riding the bike. There a cell phone holder at two places for your liking. The handlebars are padded and super comfortable, like the seat. This was an affordable and wise purchase I made if I do say so myself. I’m very happy and satisfied, thank you Walmart for offering this particular stationary bike.
  • Excellent quality, especially for the money. One star off for the size. I’m 5’11” and it’s a little small for me even with the seat post raised all the way up. The crank arms could be an inch or two longer, also. Basically, it’s made for smaller people.
  • Arrived quickly. Easy to assemble. Love the tray for iPad/iPhone and the slot for the remote. Great scanner/tracker. It tracks distance traveled/miles, pulse, miles per hour, calories burned and how long using the machine. Very quiet. I do over 10 miles a day. Love it. Highly recommended. ❤
  • We were looking for a bike that was portable, simple to use, and comfortable to ride. This bike meets the first two requirements, but not the last. The thing that immediately turned me off to the bike was the somewhat jerky feel when you pedal. It just isn’t the smooth pedaling feel I am used to when riding exercise bikes at the gym. Not as much of an issue at the lowest resistance setting, but more noticeable as resistance is set higher. I’ve decided to spend a little more and get the kind of bike that has the pedaling feel I wanted.
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