Bushnell Shield Series 15′ x 9′ Instant Cabin Tent Sleeps 9

Bushnell Shield Series 15′ x 9′ Instant Cabin Tent Sleeps 9

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Experience the outdoors in the latest tent technology! The Bushnell Shield Series Instant Cabin Tent offers Heat Shield technology featuring a special reflective coating on the underside of the rainfly which blocks the sun’s UV rays keeping the tent darker and noticeably cooler. Weather Shield features defend from the toughest weather. Water repellent fabric and fully taped waterproof seams seal-off your tent from the rain while strong frame construction and heavy duty tie-downs stand tough against the wind. Setup camp in less than 60 seconds with patented Instant Setup technology. Large mesh windows allow for enhanced ventilation and panoramic views while privacy panels on windows zip shut when needed. Internal and external gear organizers keep items close at hand and reflective tie-downs, zipper-pulls, and piping around doors enhance nighttime visibility.
Bushnell Shield Series 15′ x 9′ Instant Cabin Tent, Sleeps 9:

  • Setup in under 60 seconds with no assembly required
  • Heat Shield Technology keeps tent darker and cooler
  • Weather Shield Technology provides protected, dry-zone camping
  • Sleeps 9
  • Fits 2 Queen Airbeds
  • Includes 3/4 rainfly with fully taped seams
  • Front awning with external gear organizers
  • Heavy-duty 150D fabric, twice as thick as standard tent fabric
  • 7 windows
  • Utility Port for electrical cord access
  • Carry bag included
  • Tent stakes included
  • Measures: 15′ x 9′
  • Center height: 78″
  • Attention California Residents: WARNING: this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm


  • I’m a single Mom and bought this 9 person tent last year after doing a lot of research. I used it for a for an extended family camping/girls glamping trip and after taking the time to set everything up in my yard before the trip decided that it really is easy to set up but a little practice makes it go even faster. My seven year old niece and I did it ourselves at the campground before the rest of the group arrived. I also discovered that we had an awesome AC/ventilation port and after building a small stand for my little AC and placing an extra tarp on top to keep the cool air from escaping through the netted ceiling it was just like staying in a hotel room. No hot sticky I’m sweating to death whining campers, I actually had to turn the AC down. That week there was also a rain storm and we stayed dry not one leaky drip bothered us, others in our group were not so lucky and we had plenty of room for them to join us. The only flaw was in the repacking I just couldn’t get it back in the bag provided and had to make a bigger one. Everyone had such a nice time that this year I’m planning on getting the 12 person tent so we girls can relax together and let the boys use my 9 person tent without worrying about them getting wet or being miserably hot. This tent was everything I wanted and more. Just make sure to give yourself time for a practice run before you get to the camp ground so you get used to it and you will amaze the other campers with how easy set up is. Enjoy your camp out!
  • I purchased this one for my first tent camping experience last year. I camped with a minor son in this tent and some extended family members at an adjacent site. This one is fairly large, and we were able to use a double high queen been on one side. Even being a newbie to tent camping I was able to set this up with one other adults assistance in about 10 minutes. We had a night of driving rain and still stayed dry. This year my son has gotten quite a bit bigger physically and I also knew that we needed to work towards some individual spaces. Had been considering purchasing him a pup tent but he is not quite old enough to sleep in a separate tent. In my searching and researching I was able to finally locate the perfect solution. I went to the next sized larger one of these with two foot additional space on both length and width. A very satisfied customer when I come back for another Busnell product!! While I could sell this one I think I will keep it for other shorter camping adventures.
  • Our family of 4 started camping this past year. We have used this tent 5 times already and have absolutely no issues with it. The first time I used it we were in a wind and rain storm. The winds were about 20-25 mph. I was afraid the tent was going to fly away or break but it held up great. No leaks. We just spent one night this past weekend in a constant light rain and still no leaks. It’s roomy. Holds 2 cots and 2 kids on camping pads very comfortably with room for everything else you need. Small dog too! Plenty of changing space and you can stand up easily all around. The awning came in handy for putting stuff away during the rain and even sheltering us as well. It’s very easy to set up and take down. While taking down, make sure you pull all legs to center, lay down on side and roll out all the air before putting it in the bag. We get it all in every time and after the first time or two it’s really a cinch. I highly recommend this tent. I have been searching for months before I bought it and took a chance on a brand I never heard of. Glad I did. Very pleased.
  • Bushnell tents are high quality. My daughter, her husband and 3 children slept in the 12 person tent through heavy rain for several days when in Northern Kentucky during the summer. The tent next to theirs was leaking and the family of 7 came in to get out of the rain. It has three rooms which are usually more than enough. It was a bit crowded, but they were all able to stay dry and comfortable in the Bushnell tent.
  • Overall the tent held up to some cold, wet, windy weather. However, the tent did not come with instructions which should be posted on the Walmart website. Luckily, we were able to figure out via youtube. Once viewed it was an easy set up and take down but another big issue is it is very difficult to fold up and put back in the tent bag and zip up. The tent bag in necessary as the tent is pretty heavy.
  • 8-14-2015 – Put it up a couple hours ago. Being tested by wind and rain. Will check for leaks in the morning. —- Okay – so there was a little water under the window vent on the left after the first rain – not sure if it came through the wall cloth or splashed up through the vent – the vents do not zip close across the bottom – just the sides – I towel dried that area and left it up for another day – it rained again yesterday afternoon – and was windy – again wet inside – I checked it again this morning and the cloth along the bottom sides of the tent is wet – it appears that parts a waterproofed and others are not – when I went out this morning – there were little puddles of water along the sides – and a large puddle along the short wall to the right – using a hand towel from the bathroom – i soaked it up – there was enough water I had to wring the towel out – disappointed in this tent – but I will return it to and order another – hopefully that one will be waterproof all around – I really like the tent and it’s features – just not the water inside – will update when I get the replacement 8-16-2015 – I posted a video on Youtube