BUNN 10-Cup Velocity Brew BX Coffee Brewer Black Stainless Steel

BUNN 10-Cup Velocity Brew BX Coffee Brewer Black Stainless Steel

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Brews coffee in three minutes. Includes hot water reservoir to make hot chocolate, tea, soup, cereal, etc. Thermostat-controlled brewing temperature.

  • When you want coffee now with a drip-free carafe.
  • Pour-O-Matic drip-free Glass Carafe eliminates messes.
  • Brew ten cups in approximately three minutes.
  • Internal hot water tank keeps water constantly heated to optimal temperature.
  • BUNN-engineered sprayhead ensures complete coffee-ground extraction.
  • Model Number: BXB


  • The reason is two fold….number one…the water storage is “Stainless Steel,” so no plastic taste from your water, which most inexpensive coffee makers are made of………number two……the coffee is ready in a few minutes after you pour the water into the maker….same as our old one, that we had for almost six years Something new is the special coffee pot ….it has a new spout that will allow you to pour either the water into the maker without spills and/or coffee into the cup. We love it…Sue & Jerry
  • This will be my 3rd Bunn Coffee Maker. Each has lasted over 10 years! Is that value of what??? Coffee in 3 minutes. Best tasting coffee you’ve ever had, and nice and hot! Love, love my Bunn!!! Also the best tasting iced tea! This is a no brainer! Bunn is by far the best coffee maker on the market!
  • I have had quite a few coffeemakers however I am very pleased with the purchase of my Bunn, I will not buy any other coffee maker ever again. I highly recommend The Bunn.
  • I will never own anything but a Bunn! I also love the improvement made to the carafe lid. It works for me so well as I always had trouble spilling water on coffee maker and dripping coffee when pouring.
  • Not quite as sturdy as my old one that sprung a leak. New type server is great. It does not spill all over like old type. Hope it last a long time.
  • If you want a quick properly brewed cup of coffee…this is for you. We have been Bunn owners for many years. Our last one went kaput after many years of service.
  • We have owned Bun coffee makers for over 25 years and needed to replace a unit we had for over 20 years, probably the best unit we have had. If it were possible to give less than one star for our new Bun I would. First, if you are making Decaf you will need a special part or the mess it makes will disappoint you. Didn’t need that on the old unit. Next, I was surprised to receive a special cleaning rod. Didn’t have one on the old Bun and didn’t think I would need it. How wrong I was. Within a short time I needed to clean the new unit because it was taking a very long time to brew a pot of coffee. In the 6 months we have had the new coffee brewer I have had to clean it with vinegar twice. After the second time I started purchasing purified water to use. Well it has been almost a month and once again the brewing time is getting longer. This morning, after about an hour and a half after making our first pot of coffee, my wife went to make a second pot of coffee and it did not work. After waiting about 15 minutes she had to leave without coffee to take with her.
Enjoy piping hot and fresh coffee in only three minutes with this 10-cup glass coffee brewer by Bunn. Its classic black finish complements any kitchen decor and adds a touch of sleekness to your count...
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Spray head; internal hot-water tank; porcelain-coated warming plate with lighted on/off switch; swivel lid; dishwasher-safe glass carafe
Brand: BUNNMerchant: Best Buy
Brews 10-cupsUnique spray head ensures even, complete coffee flavor extractionHot water tank stays heated and ready to goSwivel lid for easy water pour-inPorcelain-coated warming plate with lighted on...
Brand: BUNNMerchant: Stage Stores
Brewing system brews coffee in three minutes. Features stainless steel inner tank, internal thermostat and vacation switch to turn tank heater off when brewer will not be used for a long period of tim...
Brand: BunnMerchant: iBuyOfficeSupply.com
Glass carafe Unique sprayhead ensures even, complete coffee flavor extraction Stainless steel internal hot water tank keeps water heated to optimal brewing temperature of 200E F Porcelain-coated warmi...
Brand: BUNNMerchant: Stage Stores