Brita 18 Cup UltraMax Water Dispenser with 1 Filter BPA Free Gray

Brita 18 Cup UltraMax Water Dispenser with 1 Filter BPA Free Gray

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Drink healthier, great-tasting water with this BPA free Brita 18 Cup UltraMax Water Dispenser. The extra large capacity makes this water filtration system perfect for busy families, sports teams and offices, while a new, sleek, space efficient design allows for convenient storage. A flip top lid makes refilling a breeze. Plus, just a glance at the filter indicator lets you know when it is time to change the Brita water filter. This filtered water dispenser comes with 1 water filter and delivers great tasting water in every pour.

  • Large 18 cup Brita UltraMax Water Dispenser with 1 easy to change filter
  • Space efficient water filtration system with extra large 18 cup capacity easily fits in refrigerator
  • BPA free home water dispenser reduces chlorine taste and odor, and copper, mercury and cadmium to deliver great tasting water
  • Filtered water dispenser with spigot for dispensing water and flip top lid for easy refilling
  • Filter indicator tracks when to change the water filter, every 40 gallons or approximately every 2 months


Warning Text: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read the Performance Data Sheet enclosed in the box for complete details. The Brita Pitcher Filter is not intended to purify water. Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Individuals requiring water of special microbiological purity should follow the advice of their doctor or local health officials regarding the use and consumption of their tap water and Brita filtered water.


Instructions: Your water filter system can be ready to use in a few steps. Wash your hands before touching the filter, then flush it with cold water for 15 seconds. Insert the filter into the reservoir. Add cold tap water. The first dispenser of filtered water may contain carbon dust. Use on plants or discard. Replace the water filter every 40 gallons or 2 months. Substances reduced may not be in all user’s water.


  • I recently purchased “Brita 18 Cup UltraMax Water Dispenser” for its modern and sleek look, plus saving more kitchen counter space, to replace the old bulky one. I’ve been using Brita over 20 years and truly enjoy the quality Brita brings to my family’s drinking water! Somehow we took it for granted and overlooked the quality Brita has delivered until on the last day of our recent trip, my son pleaded we should pack and drive back home RIGHT NOW! Why? His reason: “I miss the drinking water home. I’m so tired of bottled (spring) water! The bottled tastes differently. Our water (at home) is better!” Yes, we heard that miserable boy. When we arrived home, we all drank our Brita water and did taste the difference my son insisted. He is right! Our water tastes much much better! From now on, while travelling, I WILL bring the Brita’s water bottle. So long, bottled spring water!
  • The water that we drink out of these taste excellent. So much cleaner than unfiltered water.
  • I have loved this dispenser but mold has started appearing. I have tried every suggestion out there but to no avail. I live alone and am a bit older so there’s no one to help me remove the white piece. I won’t use it now because of the mold and dirt. I have several filters left but may look at the other brand as I need to replace this. The dispenser is great but good luck trying to keep it clean.
  • I don’t know how we’ve managed so long without it! We’ve had this for about 1 week now and the water definitely tastes better. (We are from NYC where water pipes in both the street and building are very old and full of sediments). We’ve found this large dispenser to be very practical and it fits nicely on the side of shelf in the fridge. I fill it up once and it lasts us a day and a half (we’re 2 people at home). Great purchase!
  • Love this filter ,fits right in the refridge. Don’t have to spend money on bottled water now. I would of gave it five stars but I am worried about the water lever breaking .Looks like cheap plastic. Time will tell. No chlorine taste in the water either.
  • I have been using the Brita Filter for over 25 years now. I had some medical problems and thought I would try your product. From the moment I tried your product I was impressed. When I gave birth to my daughter roughly 15 months later, she was born completely clean. By that I mean she had 3 spots on her and that was all. The doctor said that since I was using your product and not drinking the local water, that is why my daughter also had a clear umbilical cord. He said that using the Brita was the only explanation for it. Since then, I have used your product daily, not only for us humans, but for our animals as well. I have more stories, but that was the oldest one that I could think of. I recommend your product to everyone I know.
  • This works great, water tastes really good and it fits on the bottom shelf of my fridge. I refill it maybe every two days. I’m the only one using it so if you have a bigger family you will probably need to fill it more often. Make sure you put the filter in snug or it won’t work properly. The water will run through too fast and won’t be filtered. It takes about 10 minutes I’d say for the water to go through the filter correctly. It says to change the filter every 3 months and comes with a handy reminder sticker that can be changed to which ever month you want to set your reminder at.
  • If you need to google “how to separate the pieces to clean Brita dispenser” you know you have a sub par product. If it then takes an hour, tools and multiple people in order to separate the reservoir from the top part to simply clean, the product is garbage. I’ll be returning first thing tomorrow. If I only I read the reviews prior to buying.
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