Bravo View 400-Watt Power Inverter INV-400

Bravo View 400-Watt Power Inverter INV-400

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This 400-watt peak inverter from Bravo View is ready for work – or the weekend. It converts your vehicle’s DC battery power to AC household power so you can power most portable electronics, video game systems and office equipment right from your vehicle. Whether you’re finishing some work on the road or rocking some tunes at a tailgate party, you’ll have all the power you need. The INV-400 includes a cigarette lighter cable.


  • 200 Watts continuous power, 400 Watts peak power
  • Dual AC Outlets: converts DC battery power to AC household power
  • Includes Cigarette Lighter Cable (3 feet) – Provides power directly from vehicle 12V power socket
  • Total Protection ? thermal shutdown, reverse polarity protection, over-voltage shutdown, low voltage shutdown and low voltage alarm, replaceable 20A fuse


  • Continuous Power = 200W
  • Surge Power = 400W
  • Output Waveform = Modified Sinewave
  • Input Voltage = 11 to 15V DC
  • Output Voltage: 110 VAC +/- 5%
  • Low voltage cut-off = 10.0 volts
  • Product Dimensions = 6.25” x


  • I like this little inverter, I’m only running a 90W key machine off of it and it works great. I turn the vehicle on so it runs off the alternator and not the van Battery and I’ve no issues with it.
  • I suffer severe COPD and need to make regularly treatments to clear my respiratory track, I did try about 4 different units and always had to return because they were unreliable, this one is the one I need, also simultaneously yo can run your laptop in second outlet.
  • This device is a must have for emergency situations, it will run or charge devices from a cpap machine to battery chargers to even an basic icebox.
  • Purchased this item for my Nebulizer , and it works great. This is a great deal…………
  • First, ordering online with store pickup is the best. I was out and about when I received my email notification on my smartphone that my item had arrived so I got back in my car and drove to my Walmart. Walked in, asked an Associate where the Services was and proceeded to that location. No line, the Associate immediately helped me and retrieved my item. I will definitely be shopping this way more often. When I got back to my car I opened the packaged, read the instructions, and plugged it into my auxiliary power outlet. The purpose for purchasing the Bravo View INV400 400Watt Power Inverter is to power the pump I use for inflating my air mattress when camping. I had the pump in the car, plugged it in and it worked perfectly. When I arrived home I turned off the car, but left it on ACC to power the Inverter. I connected a 50’ extension cord I carry with me when camping and connected the pump at the other end in the house to inflate the air mattress. It worked exactly how I expected! I’m looking forward to using it this summer as I plan a number of camping trips.
  • The item would not function as advertised. Would not even operate a low watt night light when plugged into a 12v power source.


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