BLACK DECKER 9-Slice Rotisserie Convection Countertop Oven TO4314SSD

BLACK DECKER 9-Slice Rotisserie Convection Countertop Oven TO4314SSD

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Maximize your cooking options with minimal counter space with the Black & Decker Convection Countertop Oven. This little powerhouse has the space for up to two 12″ pizzas or even a roast. It also features removable rotisserie and broil racks, as well as a bake pan. This 9-slice rotisserie oven also has a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.California Residents — Proposition 65 warning:
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Black & Decker 9-Slice Rotisserie Convection Countertop Oven:

  • Black & Decker oven fits up to 9 slices or two 12″ pizzas
  • Removable rotisserie rack, bake pan and broil rack included
  • Bake, broil, toast and keep warm control with removable crumb tray


Fabric Care Instructions: Follow instructions provided on the tag or packaging.


  • After one gets use to the controls, this oven is great to have. Needed an oven in a pinch, so I went this direction with convection. Good choice!
  • I bought this as I did not want to put on my regular stove just to bake a loaf of bread or anything else small, and also for toast. I love it. It toasts the bread perfectly as well as bakes whatever I like and does a good job. It has 2 racks and a pan as well. It looks snazzy too. Great purchase.
  • It was hard to find a toaster oven with rotisserie, had one before, it was great. This one is even better! The oven inside is just bigger enough for fitting casseroles with lids. Don’t need to use the big stove oven anymore! Let’s not forget about a bigger chicken on the rotisserie,yum… Am so satisfied with my purchase, saves on hydro. Happy!
  • I have now tried every feature of the Black and Decker oven. I am thrilled with the product especially the convection oven. My baking comes out perfect, this from a professional Baker. Would buy other Black and Decker product in the future
  • I brought it with Wal-Mart roll back price. The shipping was fast and really appreciate ship to home for free. The oven toaster has all i need. I have tried every function except for the rotisserie mode. Everything works great so far. But if you are baking something like Muffin with using both bottom and top rack, you might have to make some adjustments on the time to get the outcome you wanted. I really don’t have any complaints about it especially with the price tag. And I love shopping online at Walmart now.
  • Bought this a month ago and I absolutely love it! I’ve been searching for a rotisserie ever since our George Forman rotisserie broke 6 yes ago was amazed that this little oven also had a rotisserie now instead of turning on the big oven for everything and wasting so much hydro we (husband and 4 kids) can use the toaster oven save time and money and what an awesome price too
  • I was cooking a casserole in a loaf pan and the glass shattered. It just shattered and spread across the kitchen floor. I have had it for 8 month and haven’t used it that often for anything that takes long to cook. I was cooking at 325 degrees. Disappointed because the glass is not under any warranty. Go figure. I found it to have cheap buttons as well. They always felt loose and cheap. I would not purchase another.
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Black & Decker 9-Slice Convection Toaster Oven with Rotisserie
Fits up to 9 slices or (2) 12 pizzas Comes with removable rotisserie racks, bake pan and broil rack 60 Minute timer with stay on function
Merchant: Staples