Black and Decker Café Select 12-Cup Dual Brew Coffeemaker Black/Silver

Black and Decker Café Select 12-Cup Dual Brew Coffeemaker Black/Silver

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Black & Decker Café Select 12-Cup Dual Brew Coffeemaker: Brew coffee for friends or make a single-serve drink with this coffeemaker, which features a carafe on one side and a 20-oz. vacuum-insulated travel mug on the other. The adjustable drip tray lets you fill a cup or mug.

Choose your favorite brew

Electronic controls with an LED display let you choose from 6 single-serve brew sizes and pick your brew strength.

Evenstream Showerhead Technology

Evenly distributes water over coffee grounds for maximum flavor.

Keep the coffeemaker running smoothly

Use the Auto Clean system to descale the coffeemaker.

Pause for a drink

Sneak-A-Cup technology lets you pause brewing to pour yourself a mug without drips.

Make enough for friends

Full-size carafe holds up to 12 cups.

Grab a drink to go

Use the 20-oz. vacuum-insulated travel mug or your own cup or mug for easy single-serve coffee. Drip tray adjusts in height to accommodate a variety of cup sizes.

Choose how you brew

Single-serve side can be used with K-Cup pods, or use the mini reusable filter for coffee grounds

Drip-free pouring

The Perfect Pour carafe ensures every drop goes into your cup and not on your counter.

Easy maintenance

Water reservoir holds up to 60 oz., so you don’t have to refill every time you make coffee.

Make cleanup simple

Glass carafe is dishwasher safe.


  • The product works as expected. Very basic, easy to use coffee maker. Haven’t had any problems.
  • Like my Black & Decker coffee pot, but feel the cup selection isn’t consistent. It provides the option to choose cup size from 6oz to 20oz. I will use the same size cup and select oz and sometimes it will fill the cup and others it won’t. I do like the option to brew a cup or whole pot of coffee. Always very hot and can use any brand of k cups; not just name brand. Filling the water canister is easy to do and so far no problems with this product!
    I previously had another brand coffee pot (Hamilton Beach) that had similar functions;but broke twice and replaced once and second time went with a new style and brand.
  • We needed a coffee maker that would make coffee by the cup or a pot.This does both very well.
  • I bought this to have a single cup for myself or a pot for when I have company. It’s performed beautifully and have not had a single issue. Well worth the price.
  • Bought it because I was tired of the limitations of my Keurig. Needless to say love it. Can use any cups that I want to use and it has an a built in filter for making your own personal cup of coffee. Then add on the pot options. I love it!
  • I use the coffee machine daily, and I love the single cup brewer. I choose the size of the brew and go about getting ready for work. Then in a few minutes, my coffee is ready.
    Like mentioned in other reviews, it does take a little bit longer to brew a full carafe because the hot water reserve seems to be about 8oz, but because I knew about it before I bought the machine, it doesn’t bother me. Just be aware of it if you are planning to buy this.
  • This coffee pot is excellent for home use and works good for an office with a small number of people. We have 8-10 people in the office and it is good because some like flavored coffee and they can use the individual cup area and some like more and quicker so they use the large coffee pot.
  • I’ve had this coffee maker for about 3 months, and I’m very happy with it. I don’t recall off hand what Black and Decker recommended in the manual regarding cleaning the unit after purchase, but double it. I followed their advise and still had poor tasting coffee for a pot or two. I like how convenient it is to add water to the reservoir and that the reservoir has measurement markings that are easily seen. The k-cups work well, and if I use the carafe, it will have 8 cups ready by the time I have my breakfast made. To date, I have no complaints with the product.
  • Worked good for seven months and now single serve side only gives partial cup of coffee and water leaks from inside of machine going all over counter and floor. Leak started when I did the self clean cycle and now happens when making coffee.
Electronic controls; LED display; Evenstream Showerhead Technology; Auto Clean system; Sneak-A-Cup technology; brew strength selector; 6 single-serve brew sizes; dishwasher-safe 12-cup carafe
Brand: Black & DeckerMerchant: Best Buy
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