BLACK and DECKER 7-Cup Stainless Rapid Boil Cordless Electric Kettle KE2900B

BLACK and DECKER 7-Cup Stainless Rapid Boil Cordless Electric Kettle KE2900B

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Don’t settle for slow boiling! The Rapid Boil Technology inside of the Black and Decker 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Cordless Kettle uses 1500W of power to quickly boil up to seven cups of water in less time than it takes a microwave or stovetop! The stainless steel exterior is built to last, and it looks great in any modern kitchen. The kettle comes with a removable anti-scale filter that prevents mineral buildup from passing through the spout, so you get fresh, hot water for tea, hot cocoa, instant meals, oatmeal, French press coffee, and more! Other features include: small batch boil (1-3 cups), clear-view water window with level markings, boil/dry protection, 360-degree swivel base, on/off switch, pull-up lid, power indicator light, cord wrap, two-year warranty.
Black and Decker 7-Cup Stainless Rapid Boil Cordless Electric Kettle, KE2900:

  • 1.7L Capacity: Boil up to 1.7L (7 cups) of water for tea, hot cocoa, oatmeal, French press coffee, and more
  • Stainless Steel Exterior: The durable stainless steel body looks great in the kitchen and maintains its look and function
  • Rapid Boil Technology: Faster than a microwave or stovetop
  • The powerful heating element boils water quickly, saving you time in the kitchen
  • Rapid Boil Zone: Bright red level markings inside the kettle let you boil 1-3 cups of water ultra fast
  • Removable Anti-Scale Filter: The filter attaches behind the pour spout to keep lime scale out of your beverages
  • Removable for easy cleaning
  • Boil/Dry Protection: Safety feature that turns off the kettle when water comes to a boil or when there’s no water remaining in the kettle
  • 360-Degree Swivel Base: Pick up, pour, put back
  • The swivel base makes for easy transferring of the kettle
  • Pull-Up Lid: Removable lid with handle for easy water filling
  • Easy-View Water Window: Clear window with water level markings
  • On/Off Switch: Easy operation for fast boiling
  • Power Indicator Light: Red light shows when unit is on
  • Cord Wrap: Easy cord storage within swivel base
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty: The Rapid Boil Electric Kettle comes with a 2-year limited warranty


  • Not the cheapest but hopefully that means it will last. Plenty of cool features the 1500 watts do make heat quickly. If I have a concern it would be the on off switch.just a plastic peice that sticks out I can see myself breaking it off.
  • 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Cordless Kettle was a lovely little gem that I received. It is so cute , handy and works oh so very well in heating water in a short time.
  • This kettle surprised me. I was not expecting it to heat as fast as it did. My water heater went out for a couple of days so this was my only means of getting hot water to do dishes. I thought I was going to have to wait for the water to heat up. I was able to get 3 kettles of hot water for my dishes in under 30 minutes.
  • This kettle is simply adorable. It has the look of a stove top tea kettle but the ease of use as an electrc one. It heats up really fast and I’ve used it almost every other day for a month ..from tea to instant noodles this thing does the job!
  • I received the product for free for my honest review and opinions. This is a very well made tea kettle. Larger than I thought which is great, and also has a measurement device inside for 1 to 3 cups as well as water level on the outside. Water heats up fast and is very hot. Love that the handle is stationary. Nice wide spout. It’s also nice looking if you want to bring it to the table.
  • I received this kettle in late November and have not stopped using it. I love that I can move it anywhere in my kitchen to use and the base does not get hot. When it’s heating uno it does not whistle like the stove top kettles do. It’s actually somewhat quiet, but I also know when it’s done working. This is a wonderful kettle.
  • I received this for free to try at home & I absolutely love this kettle. I took it on a camping trip & it warmed water so fast for my kids got chocolate! I use it at home all the time for tea & I can have a hot cup of tea in 5 mins, love it!!!
  • Pros: Love the large kettle that boils 1.7L of water in about 6 minutes. Outer water lever window is easy to read. On/Off switch is a unique design. Power indicator light at the bottom is a nice touch. Removable filter on the spout is a useful feature and the spout pours smoothly. Cons: Over-the-top loop-handle makes removing the lid unnecessarily difficult and filling the container under the tap is difficult because the handle cannot be moved out of the way. Power cord is way too short. Power indicator light is only on one side and would be better if it was on 2 sides because the kettle can be rotated on the base. Would also be better if the kettle made a sound when it finished boiling inside of just the on/off switch popping up. Finally, internal water levels are hard to read and would be better if they were placed on the outside water level window.