BLACK and DECKER 400W Fruit and Vegetable Juicer JE2400BD

BLACK and DECKER 400W Fruit and Vegetable Juicer JE2400BD

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The Black & Decker 400W Juice Extractor makes it easy to turn all your favorite fruits and vegetables into delicious, pulp-free juice. The powerful 400-watt motor quickly works through produce, separating fresh juice from the pulp, which is collected in a separate container. With intuitive controls and dishwasher-safe parts, it’s the fast and easy way to enjoy fresh, flavorful juice!
Black & Decker 400W Juice Extractor, Black:

  • 400-watt motor: extract fresh, pulp-free juice in just seconds
  • The intuitive on/off switch provides the best performance for all kinds of fruit and vegetables
  • Compact design: the vertically oriented juice extractor saves space on the countertop
  • Stainless steel cutter and strainer: the durable cutter quickly works through fruits and vegetables and it’s easy to clean and reuse
  • Dishwasher-safe parts: every removable part is safe to clean in the dishwasher, further simplifying the juice-making process
  • Fruit and vegetable pusher: the pusher guides fresh produce towards the cutters for maximum juice extraction
  • Large-capacity pulp container: the 28 oz container collects pulp for use in muffins, desserts and more
  • Snap-on lid: the motor operates only when the lid is latched safely into place
  • Non-slip feet: the rubberized feet keep the juicer in place during operation
  • Model# JE2400BD


  • Received this juicer yesterday and was super excited to try it out. This is my first time owning a juicer. Not hard to assemble and dessemble. The mouth is quite small so you do have to cut the fruits into smaller pieces. But the machine does its job. I heard before that you’ll know if you got a good juicer when you look at the pulp. I juiced pineapple and an orange but the pulp was not all dry, it still was quite wet so I pour the pulp out into a cheese cloth and squeezed the extra juice out. This juicer is hard to clean though.
  • Easy to use,good power,good for a healthier life!!
  • I received this juicer for testing and reviewing purposes. Upon opening the box, I immediately noticed how compact the appliance is. I love the size because it can easily be stored or be used underneath kitchen cabinets or counter tops. Something I would change about the juicer would be the power cord, it is too short for my liking. You have to be close to a power outlet. Aside from this, I enjoy the ability it has to juice up just about anything in seconds. Big pieces of fruit or vegetables do have to be cut down to a small size because the slicer opening is relatively small. Indeed, it is super efficient, juices up fast but if you hate mess, just like I do, you’ll hate how much you have to clean afterwards. There was a lot of residue some which I had to leave soaking in order for it to come off. Overall, the juicer does a great job but just like any other blender or juicer noise level is high and residue after juicing can be hard to manage.
  • i had always wanted a juicer so i was thrilled to try this one. we had so much fun trying out new things! awesome quality product.
  • This is a nice compact starter juicer that works fine but the food chute is small so friuits & veggies need to be cut into small pieces about a half cup at a time. There is a bit of waste but the creative baker will find uses for it.
  • This juicer is not only convenient, but it’s helping me keep myself and my family on track towards a healthier lifestyle. I will definitely recommend this to others as a way of drinking healthier juices without all of the preservatives.
  • I am soooooooooo in love with this product. I had always wanted one but never truly treated myself so I was so glad I was picked to review. It is wonderful we tried using different recipes since I had never done this before and I was looking for a healthy way to start my day!!! First we tried green apples with some spinach and some other fruits and WOW just wow. Gave us no problems at all , easy clean up and the varieties of fruits and vegetables are endless. I can not wait to see what I can make.
  • I have owned a couple of juice extractors and NONE compare to this!This thing is amazing!!I highly recommend this to anyone that is looking for a juice extractor!It is easy to use and does exactly what you want/need it to do!
  • I bought this juicer 2 weeks ago and it has jammed a couple of times. It makes a horrible noise sometimes and now it just turned off completely and it wont turn back on.
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